Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just a standard Sunday

Not much out of the ordinary here today.  It was still too windy to put up the roof panels on the chicken run so they are still open to the sky.  They seem to be doing fine with it- they are flourishing!  We got 8 eggs today for the first time.  There was obviously a new layer since I found a little egg on the floor by the waterer.
Took J17 and I14 off shopping this afternoon.  I14 had grown out of his shoes (again!) and the pants he was wearing today were obviously a bit high water.  So, we got him three pair of jeans and some new sneakers.  J17 wanted to come along since we would be right next to the art/craft store and they are having a sale on her favorite brushes.  While there, I succumbed to an impulse buy:
In their baking section, they were having a clearance of their 'fall' bakeware.  I snagged these two pie plates for $4 each.  They are oven, dishwasher and microwave safe and are much deeper dish than the ones I've got.  And I actually only had two pie plates left due to attrition over the years.  The one that looks orange is actually much more of a reddish/cinnamon color than the photo shows.  We're planning to use these tomorrow night for quiche.  We're trying that again since we never ended up having it last week, even though it was planned.
Which brings me to menu planning.  Got that done as well. Here goes the plan for the week.
Monday- quiche.  We'll eat late since J17 has orchestra so it gives me time to get it prepped.  I14 wants to help- in fact, he brought up the idea of having quiche when we were looking at the pie plates in the store. So, quiche it is!
Tuesday-  hamburgers and sweet potato fries.   J17 has a violin lesson that she leaves for at 7 so she needs to be done eating by then.
Wednesday- Burritos. This is a quick meal solution since I14 has to be back at school no later than 630 for a band concert.  It's kind of cool that they actually do a concert with the marching band.
Thursday- Chicken and rice.  Amazingly, no one has anywhere to go!!
Friday- we'll do ravioli. Our local store has these amazing, frozen, portabella mushroom ravioli that are a quick meal.  Friday will be totally crazy and we probably won't have I14 eating with us (gasp!!).  I don't even think he will be coming home after school.  The band is marching in the UI homecoming parade and they will be bussed to downtown at 4:15.  Immediately after the parade, they will be fed and  then have a home football game.  This will be the first time the freshmen will march at halftime so I14 gets to march.  After the halftime performance the band will have it's end of marching season party at school so he won't be home until late.  Sadly, the poor kid has an orthodontist appointment in the morning so will be doing all this playing with freshly tightened braces.  Ouch!
I don't have a plan yet for Saturday.  I work all day and V has his first book signing event at the local Barnes and Noble store from 4-6.  We still have some B&N gift cards from birthdays and such that haven't used yet so the children will go along and we'll get some new books.  Ooo, I LOVE new books!!  I don't have a card but I'll see if I can muscle in on someone's card.  All combined, we've got $100 of gift cards.  That will get LOTS of new books!!
So, it will be a crazy week here with lots of running around.
We did pick up some granola bars at the store this afternoon so I14 won't starve before he has to march in the parade on Friday.  J17 and I also made a run to the apple orchard just down the road and got a bunch of apples.  I'll have to make sure I get there again before the end of the month since they are only open through October.
I'll probably be harvesting the last of the tomatoes tomorrow evening- ripe or not- and more peppers.  It has definitely cooled off and we're forecast to get into the mid 30's.  That most likely means frost and I'm ready to be done in the garden so I won't be covering anything.  Most of the huge tomatoes that were still out there have ripened so there really isn't much left.  I do need to freeze some halved hot peppers for stuffing over the winter.  Not that there is a shortage of hot peppers.  Those are the one thing that did really well this year. 
I've got to go.  I've got lasagna in the oven so I need to make salads.  Have a great week!


  1. Those deep dish pie plates are just so inviting to buy.. So glad you got them at a good price..
    Apple pie, pumpkin pie, would look good in these dishes..
    Have a TIggeriffic Day~ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  2. Love your header. She is one beautiful chicken!! The coloring of her feathers is really something. Like a form of art. The pie pans are really pretty! Like your dinner plans for the week! ...debbie

  3. *whew* Your week sounds incredibly busy!

  4. Ha! We just finished up a quiche, and are running out the door, swim night here. I need to get in gear and freeze some of those since I hear they freeze well and the family loves them!

  5. Debbie- that is Zeva. She is a Gold Laced Wyandotte. She lays lovely pinkish brown eggs.


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