Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year!

If the rest of the year goes like the first few hours I'm in trouble.  After spending a few hours last night at my brother's house for his party, we came home to ring the new year in with the children.  Unfortunately, about 5am, I woke up  nauseous and vomiting- evidently I did not escape the stomach virus that K8 brought home.  I just hope I didn't infect my brother who leaves today for 3 weeks in Antarctica.
I had planned to post my hopes and goals for 2009 today.  Maybe that will still happen if I feel better later.  
Here's wishing the best to everyone out there.  May 2009 find you healthy and happy.


  1. Oh no! Hope you feel better.

  2. Happy new year to you - I'm sorry you have been so miserable feeling though. Hoping by the time you read this you are much better.


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