Monday, January 19, 2009

I've made an impact

At least on my family.  Most noticeably V.  He has been a member of the writer's group for our local paper for about a year and a half.  Last evening we were at a party at the opinion page editor's home to honor the writers.  They are an interesting lot and it was much more fun than I thought it would be.
But V... he doesn't usually let me read his articles before they appear in the paper.  I learned last night that his most recent piece would be published today.  He had let hints slip over the past week but nothing definite.  So I open the morning paper and there he is, on the opinion page.  Writing, of all things, about food security.  Well, not in those terms but really that's what he was talking about.  Our decisions to be more deliberate in meal planning, buying our beef, and garden planning.  You can read his article here.  I'm thrilled.  He's getting on the bandwagon with me.  I think J14 is mostly on board as well.  K8 keeps asking if we can have animals:  chickens, goats, sheep, you name it.  I11, well, I think he's along for the ride like it or not.
I'll try to post later on my Independence Days update.  I've got a lot to do today.  We pick up our beef and I've got snow to shovel since V pulled something in his elbow.


  1. I loved his article - how true!!! Isn't it great to feel a little bit of independence from the chain grocery stores?

  2. I'm on board, as long as I don't have to pick up poo. And I don't lose the ability to have a decent internet connection. And the possibility of a new computer (PLEASE!!!!)

  3. Great article. I am glad your family is getting on board with you. I am looking forward to reading more about your jounrey.

  4. That's great! Things are always easier when everyone's on the same page.

  5. I will NOT risk your wrath by saying "my, my!! SOMEBODY snagged herself a cutie!"

    So there. I didn't say it!

  6. Kris, Sara and Jen- It is SO much nicer and easier when we're going for the same goal.
    Justine- I cannot guarantee that you won't need to pick up poo. Sorry.
    Meadowlark- no wrath here- I think I snagged a cutie too!!

  7. Wonderful article. Having your husband jumping in (and in such a public way too!) makes it easier to take more strides. Sharing your own family's experience is a strong way to be a force for change.

  8. Wow, great piece! Definitely the impact has been positive!

    (And I agree on the cutie thing, LOL!)

  9. Great article! We used to live in Cresco, north of you...


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