Sunday, January 11, 2009

Independence Days- week 6

Wow!  6 weeks of IDC already!  Where does the time go?!  It's been a busy week here.  Lots of things going on and some progress made.  So, here goes:
1. Plant something- No, but have finalized my list of what I want to plant.  I'm meeting with Roger next Saturday to finalize the planting plan for the garden.  Then I need to place my orders.  
2. Harvest something- a few lettuce leaves from the basement experiment.  Yum!
3. Preserve something- Made candied grapefruit peel yesterday. Not exactly a staple food but J and I like it. The boys both made horrible (but hilarious) faces when they tried it.
4. Store something- 2 bags of white sugar and more brown sugar.  The reserves in the basement were getting low and luckily there was a decent sale at the grocery.
5. Manage reserves- brought up another squash that has a bad spot.  We haven't cooked it yet but at least I know it's there.  We've got roast veggies planned for dinner Wednesday so hopefully it won't go too much further down hill before then.
6. Cook something new- Well, I guess the grapefruit peel counts.  I did lots of research before I started, comparing several different methods for making it.  
7. Prep something- nothing new, although V finding out about the new lid for my pressure canner fits- it's a tool that we will definitely be using a lot in the future.
8. Reduce waste- Recycled and composted as usual.  Used cloth bags at the store.  Also purchased a waffle iron to reduce reliance on prepared food (and it's packaging).
9. Learn a new skill- candied citrus peel!  I really need to get back on track with the knitting- I've been too distracted with garden planning and reading my new books to work on knitting.
10.  Work on community food security- introduced the concept of local foods to my new student in casual conversation- I figure I've got a captive audience for 12 weeks and he seems receptive.  Supposedly our beef went to the processor this week so we need to get in touch with them to specify how we want it packaged.
11. Regenerate what is lost- A slow week with this one.  Work has been a bit hectic and I haven't been out much. I do plan to forward emails and photos from my brother to I11 and K8s teachers.  Reaching out to improve those relationships.  It's not everyday that your kids know someone who is doing research in Antarctica and sending regular updates!

It's the beginning of a new week- many things lie in store.  Let's hope it's a good one.  

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  1. Sounds like you've been busy! Hmmm, candied grapefruit peel, sounds interesting.


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