Friday, January 2, 2009

Quiet day

It was a quiet day here.  I am feeling tremendously better. Of course, the fact that I slept for 22 of the last 48 hours helps.  I requested today as a vacation day long ago since it is not a scheduled holiday for the hospital.  The children all start back to school on Monday so it was our last chance to hang out at home for a while.  
I did manage to get a few things done:  three loads of laundry, sorting through the stack of junk mail and other papers that had collected on the kitchen counter, making our black-eyed peas and ham that we would have eaten last night, cuddling I11 who managed to burn his hand by slopping hot soup on himself carrying it from kitchen to table, inventorying the squash and bringing up the one that is getting squishy, colored J14's hair.
V and I plan to sit down tomorrow and make the master to do list for while he is off work.  Unfortunately, lots of the things we want to get done are things better left for warmer weather when you can open windows (stripping wallpaper in the upstairs bath, painting, refinishing the dining room floor).  We have also been talking about making a floorcloth for the dining room because the chairs scratch the wood floor so badly.  But that is another thing that would need lots of airing out in the process.  We'll see what happens.
V has the train track set up again.  We plan to take down the tree tomorrow so this is his last chance with the track before it gets put away.  We normally leave the tree up until 12th night but decided it is close enough, especially since we have the time this weekend. Undecorating is so much less fun than decorating.
Tomorrow starts back up the usual grind.  J14 has her Tae Kwon Do black belt class and then she and V have Kum Do. I need to make my menu and shopping list and make sure we have everything for the week ahead. I need to finish the January calendar so we can keep organized. Back to real life and not this life of leisure I've been living.


  1. Oh yeah! Sleep. I need to get some. I am so far behind on my blog comments and all sorts of other things. Darn it! Only two days into 2009 and already I am falling behind!

  2. I spent the first couple of days of the New Year in about the same condition. Hopefully the year ends much better than it started.

  3. Sleep indeed solves many things. I am so glad to hear you have been feeling better, and yey for having that vacation day right when you needed it the most :-) Poor I11 on his hand, ouch! You always are so busy, be sure to take a breath every now and then too.

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Enjoy the weekend! Kris

  5. Sounds like you will be busy! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  6. Thanks to all for your wishes of health! Everyone here is back to full speed, almost. I11 does have a few 1st degree burns on his right hand, but nothing too serious. It certainly didn't stop him from playing video games this afternoon.

  7. O, I'm not the only one that collects mail on the kitchen counter! I've been sorting,filing, recycling all weekend it seems.

    The sleep must have been needed and it's good you were able to find it.


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