Friday, January 9, 2009

Little Things

Sometimes it is the little things that keep you going:  a single flower blooming in the very early spring, a hug, a message from a friend.  V has had a tiny spark of good news in the job front.  His former employer has asked him to do some freelance proofreading.  Granted it's not much but I'm definitely of the opinion that something is better than nothing.  V finished one manuscript yesterday (a 4th grade math study book) and they gave him another set to work on (6th grade math).  It isn't much, a few hours of work at the most, but it is something.  At least, it shows that they really did value his work.  If they are able to keep him supplied with a few manuscripts a month it will be a few hundred dollars rolling in that we weren't expecting.  That is a good thing- especially since he has been turning up the heat during the day when he's home (OK, I have it set to drop to 60 when we're not home- but I usually just put on extra clothes when I'm home by myself).
In work news for me- I had a student start with me this week.  His name is James and he will be working with me on his clinical rotation for 12 weeks.  He has survived week 1.  I do enjoy having students but the first few weeks are rough.  Things take 3 times as long to complete because everything has to be explained and processed.  It will get better quickly- he is a great student and a fast learner- but it has been a LONG week.
Children are all healthy.  J14 has modified her dressmaking plans but we are going to work on the mock-up purse this weekend.  I11 is scheduled for oral surgery at the end of the month (with IV sedation!!).  K8 is plugging along.  
Tomorrow promises to be a busy day.  The usual weekend business plus making a purse and candied grapefruit peel.  We'll see how I hold up.


  1. Congrats to V, as you said, they must really value his excellent work. I am a bad one with the heat - I have to have at least 66-67* no matter how many layers I wear, any lower and I literally get a headache otherwise and start falling into lie-on-the-sofa-under-the-covers mode.

    It is rough for both teacher and student in the first weeks, I think. Do they have to do multiple rotations in all areas or just what they want to do? I read about J14's dress plans in the other post - sometimes these things work out themselves I guess, have fun working on the purse :-)

  2. The student thing is hard but I usually end up learning form our interns and new grads-like 'why DO we do it this way? Is there a better way? etc

    Please share the candied grapefruit method-I received a box or citrus for christmas! Kris

  3. I'm with you on the something little better than nothing thing. Hopefully the proofreading will blossom into something bigger.

    I can relate to the heat thing-it's a bone of contention here. I wear layers (and so do the kids), but Sr is always cold. When we go to someone's house where the heat is above 70, both my kids flush and get cranky (and I feel like I am on fire). It's all about acclimation. Our last bill was double the month before and Sr I think realizes I know e cranks the heat up when I'm not home.

    Good luck with training!

  4. Definitely ood news, it all counts, right?

    Good to hear everyone's healthy.

  5. That is very good news about the freelancing work for your husband! It sounds like today will be a good day to stay indoors!

  6. Thanks all. The freelancing is definitely a plus- not only the money aspect but I hope it also keeps V from getting depressed.
    And the heat- yeah, we've definitely NOT been living up to my pledge on the freeze yer buns challenge. During break the kids cranked up the heat. Friday when I got home, V had it up to 69!! We NEVER have it that warm in the winter- even being extravagant it's only to 68. Usually it is set at 65 when we're awake or at home, 60 at night or when we're away. I hate to think of what our gas bill will be next month. (sigh)


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