Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm normally a pretty patient person but things are starting to get to me.  It may have something to do with my need for a sense of control as much as impatience though.  Here's the deal:  Considering that things have been busy at work and V isn't working much (only a little freelancing and he's at home for that) I handed off to him the task of setting up an appointment with the credit union to see about a loan.  Friday he put it off since he was working on a manuscript- Ok, I'm  impatient to get the ball rolling on this, but I can go along with this.  Monday, rather than just call, he sent an email to the credit union.  As of tonight he still has had no reply from them.  What crappy customer service!  I can't imagine that the loan officers there are that busy.  
He also mentioned this morning that he was going to stop by the bank where we have our checking accounts today since he still has a paycheck from his last freelance job to cash.  Did he do that- NO!  He doesn't seem as excited or anxious about this as I am.  I have this fear that we will get approved for a loan only to find that someone else has made an offer on the house.  Several times over the last year I have talked him into looking at a house only to find that it had just been sold.  
I keep telling myself that he can do this, that I don't need to jump in and take over but it's hard.  He assured me that if he didn't hear from the credit union by tomorrow noon that he would call.  But I wanted it today!  whine, whine, whine...


  1. Oh I can so sympathize - Todd and I are the same way. And I want everything yesterday, which doesn't help at all! Here's to hoping you have good news tomorrow!

  2. That does sound frustrating. It is hard when everyone is not on that same level of excitement as you. I hope things all turn out for you.

  3. I'd have thrown a three-year-old fit were I in your shoes, you're doing much better than me!
    Really, though, it is so frustrating when you have the motivation, the plans, and the way to get things going and it is stuck because of other people or factors out of your control. Do you know why V is dragging his feet a little? Is he maybe more nervous than he is letting on? Or sometimes its a question of realizing that one just has to plunge in (after thinking some of course) - there will never be a perfect time for anything, but its the start that makes the difference.... Hang in there.

  4. You have no idea how much I understand this post! I am also a "do it myself to get it done" type person and it is hard to let someone work on their own schedule. I have this exact same scenario with Sr.

    My guess he is happy whereever (he's happy staying, he's happy moving). Once he is there then he will probably let his happiness show (guessing here, but I am basing this on my own relationship).

    Go ahead and call the credit union if he hasn't already (it will ease the frustration and disappointment).

  5. I usually have to remind Steve more than once to do something he said he would. I sometimes think we have to do it ourselves to get it done. Especially if it is important to us. It would be nice to have backup though. I really hope you get the house.

  6. I'm a get it done person too. I can easily get frustrated with those that seem to take my efforts for granted by not doing their part.

    But...sometimes it is a way for others to tell us they aren't on board with what we want.

    You sure he really wants to get the new place?

  7. I do think he's on board. He has some concerns, mostly with the economic situation and his being unemployed. That's why we're talkling to the bank FIRST. I think he also sees the amount of work this entails. I'm excited about it and eager to get to work, he is seeing how much physical labor he will have to do and is not as excited.
    Moving is something we have been talking about and actively working on for over a year. I think he's worried about the timing. But like Localzone said- sometimes there isn't an ideal time. We've had that discussion before- if we wait until we find the perfect timing and house, etc- it will never happen.
    He did say that he would call today so I'll hope for the best.

  8. wow mom... you're as bad as me when I rant! I'll make sure he calls. Don't worry.

  9. Judy-how exciting-I'm sorry I have not been online much to see your fun news. But now i am the one who is jealous! I am having second (and third...) thoughts about our decision to stay in town. kris

  10. My hubby Tim procrastinates badly...I don't think it's that he doesn't care, he just doesn't see any need to rush. *sigh* Believe me I understand...at least you're probably getting a new place :) I'm still waiting....Good luck at the credit union!


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