Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Seeds-part 2

Hurray, the rest of my seed orders arrived today.  So now I have everything but my potatoes that will ship when it's time to plant them.  Now I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.  We're expanding what we're growing this year and I'm going to need to get more lights or I won't have enough room to start all the seeds I want to. I have 3 varieties of tomatoes (Amana orange, Amish paste and Polish Linguisa), 5 varieties of peppers (Anaheim, jalapeno, hungarian wax, paprika and bell), eggplant, tomatillos,  and broccoli to start.  I'd also like to get a few cabbages but may just buy plants locally.  Whew!! What was I thinking. 
But I definitely need tomatoes this year, I'm down to only 2 quarts of sauce and 8 jars of whole tomatoes left.  Roger is starting 3 colors of Brandywines, Mortgage lifters and one other that I can't recall right now. He is also starting several peppers and a few other things.  I may ask him how much room he is going to have and send a few things his way if he has room.  It's so nice to have a partner to share the work with!  
I've been tossing around the idea of building a cold frame out at the garden.  I could see it coming in handy.  Mostly for hardening my seedlings (especially my broccoli that I want to get in the ground early) but also for extending the season in the fall for greens.
In other news, our friend Mike is still in town and came over for a while last night.  He is going to provide us with dinner tomorrow night and I think he plans to leave town on Thursday or Friday.  He managed to get a good deal on new servers for his web-hosting business and has been  busy transferring everything from the old servers to the new ones.
I've really been dragging my tail recently.  I'm getting too old to stay up really late and Saturday night/Sunday morning has definitely caught up with me.


  1. you aren't old mom. You're just well preserved

  2. Ooo, kiddo- you're going to get it for that one.

  3. Sounds like you've got great garden plans. I too need to do more tomato sauce and whole tomatoes this year - they go fast in our house with all the chilli and pizza we make.

  4. I've been obsessively checking my mail several times a day waiting for my seeds to come in, lol. Cold frame - that is one of my dreams for a garden. Especially when I see the drifts of snow outside. Enjoy the time with your friend... and a few late nights in the long run.... well, with a friend, its all worth it.

  5. I got your blog off my daughters blog site. I enjoy reading what other people write. We have had a colder than usual weather here in Arkansas, or I seem to feel the cold more this year. We had ice storm, it didn't get us but my sister and a friend are still with out power.
    I too am enjoying a Friday off. I have eye appointment this morning.
    I need to order seeds for out garden, my husband is ready to start planting. Thanks!


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