Sunday, February 1, 2009

Unexpected visitor

Our friend Mike is in town.  He used to live here, and in fact still has his 'office' here but he now lives 8 hours away.  Mike owns and operates a web-host company and has his servers here in his office.  V looks after them while Mike is out of town.  Mike lives near Branson, MO and works at Silver Dollar City- the big amusement park there.  So for 10 months out of the year he doesn't get any time off.  But the park is closed January and February so he is off for a few weeks.  This is the time of year when he wanders back north and pays us a visit.  He sleeps in his office but knows that he is always welcome to join us for meals, so we'll probably be seeing him for dinner again tonight.  Last night was the first time we had seen him in a year so we sat up quite late talking (Okay, yes, there was alcohol involved as well).  I finally called it quits around 2:45 but the guys sat up until, I think about 4.  Now is one of those times I curse my inability to ever sleep past 7:30 unless I'm sick.  
But, it's just as well I'm up early. Since I worked all day yesterday, none of my usual weekend stuff got done (like laundry) so I'm going to be busy today and operating on little sleep. 
Maybe we'll have to plan another trip to the park to see Mike this summer.  We've gone a few times- I LOVE roller coasters!!. We discovered that we can rent a log cabin with a kitchenette near the park for about the same price as a hotel room there and be able to cook our own meals so we don't have to eat the park food (at least not much).   We'll see...


  1. What a happy visit :-) I'm like you, my "sleeping in" is 7am at the latest. Visiting is so much easier when there is a place to live and cook.

  2. I really, really dislike not being able to sleep in but my body just doesn't cooperate. I'm always the first one up so I have to bring in the paper and let out the dog, no matter the weather.


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