Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hope I can get it all done

I'm taking a break to have some online fun.  Today is one of those crazy-busy days that I hate.  I just hope I can get it all done.
Here's the list:
1. Laundry -a never ending thing at our house.  Luckily, V did a couple of loads yesterday so I don't have as much to do today.
2. Grocery shopping- I've got lots of extras on my list since we have several things going on at church tomorrow that I volunteered for- see numbers 3 and 4 below.
3. Making chili- We are serving a meal at the homeless shelter so I need to make a double batch of chili to take for that.
4. Cut up veggies for a veg and dip platter for the youth Valentine's party tomorrow afternoon.  I am also supposed to supply drinks. I'm planning apple juice but I'm sure I'll also be expected to bring some HFCS laced soda along as well.  (sigh)
5. Shopping for clothes for boys for my nephew's wedding.  I'm guessing that jeans and t-shirts are right out for that one, so they'll each need a new pair of pants and a nice shirt. I still need some work pants since I didn't have much luck at the thrift store last time I went.  I'm actually thinking of buying new (gasp) but the one store that I have a store credit card has a deal where you are randomly assigned a discount (15, 20 or 30%) and I got a 30!!! so I may actually be making a shopping trip to a 'real' department store this weekend.
6. Trip to find new light fixture- In checking out my seed starting lights I discovered that one no longer works at all and one has one side that the ballast is out so it only lights one bulb.  It's the fixture, not the bulbs- I checked.
7. Making waffles for the week.  Definitely NOT the recipe I tried last weekend since J14 and I were the only ones who liked them.
8. Romantic dinner for 5??  Well, we have to feed the children too.  We decided that this isn't the year to go out for dinner, even though it would be nice to get away.  I think we're having sauteed chicken breast in a blood orange and cream sauce, maybe some broccoli and baked potatoes.  
Well, I'm going to do some blog reading and then back to the grindstone.  Laundry beckons...


  1. Our laundry is calling - but I am ignoring it for the moment. You've got lots to do - hope you get it all done!

  2. Yikes busy day. I have lots to do too. Just grabing a quick bite and catching up a bit!

  3. Good luck with your list! Are you talking about Kohl's ? They sure spend alot on mailings don't they-it seems like I get something from them every other week... PLEASE PLEASE BUY SOMETHING FROM US! Have fun. Kris

  4. Busy seems an understatement.... YEY for that discount card from the store though, surprises like that always make me a bit cheerier. Good luck on the waffle quest - I only have to cook for myself, and even that has me going through different recipes for a particular dish (I won't even get into how many variations on the basic pancake it took for me to be happy), so I can't even imagine how hard it is to find one that all of the family agrees on. Yikes!

  5. Ok. I've got everything done but waffles and dinner. WHEW!!
    Yes, V and I did go to Kohl's. They do seem to spend a lot on advertising. They are the only store credit card I have, and that only because of the discounts they give card holders. The only time I shop there is when I've got a good discount and then shop carefully. We managed to find new clothes for the boys on the clearance racks! Pants that were originally $30, on the 70% off rack for $9.60, minus another 30% discount. So we ended up getting brand new pants for about $6 a pair. You can't beat that. I couldn't buy fabric to make them for that price. I also ended up with an impulse (kind of) buy. We talked about it and ended up getting an enameled cast iron dutch oven. I've been wanting one for a while (I foresee pot roasts). This one was already on sale 50% off and I still got my extra 30%. We actually ended up getting the dutch oven, 3 pair of pants and 3 shirts for boys and one pair of pants for me for less than the dutch oven would have cost at full price. Love those discounts! Last year J14 and I managed to get $200 of new flatware for $60 there.
    Well, I need to get started on romantic dinner. I think waffles will wait until Monday. I took the day off since the children don't have school. Sounds like a good day to make waffles and help J14 sew her PJ pants.

  6. Sounds like you are busy too! Hope you had a SWEET Valentine's Day!

  7. Wow... that is quite a list. I have a long list myself *sigh* By the way, I tagged you here . Because you just haven't been tagged enough lately. lol I know you are busy, so play if you find some time but no pressure. :)

  8. i make lists too, and usually either lose them or forget to go by what I wrote on them.

    i am getting better at it. right now, i am working on my must-do-to-get-ready-for-chicks-and-veg- garden.

    nice blog!


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