Friday, February 20, 2009

No new developments

Not much new to report here.  I was too busy at work today to have time to contact the local credit union for an appointment time.  V had a freelance job he was working on today and even though I tried to prod him, he didn't make an appointment either- although he did take time to play with the online mortgage calculators.  The one at the credit union says we don't qualify for a loan as large as we want.  Of course, they don't take into consideration any assets and we have our house that we plan to put on the market or rent when we're out.  I don't think our chances of selling this place are good while we're in it.
We have accounts at both a local bank and at the credit union.  We got both our last house loan and our car loan through the credit union since they tended to offer better deals.  We'll have to see. Both are offering about the same interest rates, but from what I've seen on line, the bank may actually be more willing to work with us.  Last time the credit union immediately sold our loan to a large holding company anyway.  
We were talking about house and finances over dinner.  The biggest concern now seems to be having enough money to make modifications to the house (one of my first priorities is a wood stove). It seems we, at least, have moved beyond the worry that we can make the payments to figuring out how we can still have the extras. I just hope the bank will see it our way.
I DO so hope this can work out.  This is something I have been dreaming about for years.  I really hate this economic chaos that has interfered with our dream.  Things would be so much easier if V still had his job.  The work with his brother won't bring in much and he doesn't have a signed agreement yet so we can't really count it.  So we're hoping to secure this loan with just my income.  (Sigh)  We did it before.  V wasn't working when we bought this place so I know it can be done.  The stakes are just a bit higher now, and I feel more of a sense of urgency.
I hate to be negative but I feel a real need to have some land and the ability to support ourselves should things get really bad.  If it turns out that V can't find a job we can still feed ourselves, at least.
Well, now I'm just getting depressing....  
I will be planting my broccoli seeds tomorrow.  I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt, even if it's only under the lights.


  1. You and your family are in my thoughts - my strongest good thoughts reaching out to you.
    You're right, everything seems that much more nervous in the current climate. I certainly am as well. Having your own land and the ability to grow your food, even though it is a big upfront investment, sounds so valuable in the long run. I hope the bank sees what a positive thing this can be.

  2. You sound like me at this point. I tend to obsess about stuff like this too - and I panick so easily....I so hope you can get the land - hopefully the bank will see it for what it is - a sound investment in your future!

  3. You are in my thoughts too. I hope it all works out (and don't give up-this is the hardest part!!!)

    Keep on the credit union-they will take the easy road first, so you need to keep directing them towards the alternative roads (other income, you credit history, etc.)However, remember they need to make mortgages to survive as well and will eventually find a way!

    Good luck!

  4. Thinking of you and yours.

    Something to make you smile...

    I have nominated your blog for an award! To see it please go to my blog! :)


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