Monday, February 16, 2009

Independence Days- week 11

Busy, busy weekend, and it's not even the busy time of the year yet.  I'm trying to get caught up on things that need done before it warms up outside.  Yesterday was pretty much a bust for getting anything accomplished.  It seemed like we were at church all day- which we kind of were.  J14 played her violin and was the assistant minister (she sang the liturgy) at the 8am service and then we were the hosts for the youth/family Valentines party which was from 12-2.  It didn't help that I was coming down with a cold and was exhausted and sick by the time we got home.  I still feel like I have a pillow wrapped around my head but I haven't let it slow me down today.  I've got my bread rising, waffles made, more laundry done and have been working on sorting through my fabric stash and sewing room mess since I need to use the table for seed starting in a few weeks.
I normally do my IDC updates on Sundays but I was so tired last night I couldn't think straight and was in bed by 9:30.  But here goes for the last week:
1. Plant something- No, but I did get new light fixtures and  bulbs for grow lights, cleaned off the table in the sewing room and picked up more seed starting soil mix since I'm planning to start my broccoli next weekend.
2. Harvest something- a bit of lettuce but nothing more.
3. Preserve something- No.
4. Store something- picked up 2 extra bags of sugar since there was a decent sale at the store.
5. Manage reserves- Made more spiced apples for oatmeal from apple slices from the freezer.  
6. Cook something new- Nope, this has been a fairly boring week in the food department, lots of old standbys.
7. Prep something- Not really.
8. Reduce waste- recycled, composted and used cloth bags at the store, as usual- nothing new on this front.
9. Learn a new skill- Nothing new this week.
10. Work on community food security- Made chili for a meal at our local homeless shelter.
11. Regenerate what is lost- Hmm- can't think of anything for this week.  It's been a busy week and I've just tried to get through.  
12. Behavior change- I've been working on not procrastinating. I did manage to get my student's mid-term evaluation done last week and got lots done this weekend.  

While it's not really a category for IDC I thought I'd throw this out there since it directly relates- I did spend some time looking for land again this weekend.  There is a place not far from town- actually only about a mile and a half from the garden that is available.  7 acres of land and a house- unfortunately the house is VERY odd looking (looks like a couple of trailers attached to a garage), is only 2 bedroom and the basement isn't finished. Of greater concern is the proximity of the river- with last year's flooding that is something we are definitely looking at.  This property did not flood last year (a 500 year flood) so it should be good.  I've been trying to talk V into at least going to look- What they're asking is about what we could probably get for our house.  If we could live in weirdness for a few years we could build a house that has everything we want- including the fireplace in the kitchen that we could cook in (with bread oven).  We'll see... 


  1. Gack, I hope you feel better soon! That kind of cold just drains a person. How goes the search for the perfect waffle recipe? Did the family like this batch? Tough call on the land with the river concern.... but it can't hurt to look, right? If nothing else, you'll get a sense of what the family needs, and how much people are willing to "give" based on reactions...

    I have to say, I've made your spiced apples 3 more times since I started the foray into canning, and they are *amazing*. Amazing. Thank you for the idea!

  2. I hope you feel better soon!

    I hope you find the land you are wanting - and if you can make it work - I really hope it works for you!



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