Sunday, May 30, 2010

Child labor and a name change

Ah, the joys of child labor continue. We were hard at work again today out in the heat.
One of V's favorite t-shirts.
Working hard or hardly working?
But 6 support posts were completed and I got the garden weeded.
My new teenager!
The birthday boy (now I13) and his custom cake.

A lancer from one of his favorite video games
complete with chainsaw bayonet.
It didn't go together as smoothly as I had hoped but he loved it.


  1. My Stars what a cake!! I thought it was a fish at first. I am not acquainted with the Lancer. But it must be some wild machine!! I think you did a great job! Happy Birthday I13!! ....debbie

  2. That cake is hilarious! Only a teenager would think of something like that. Nice to see one of our t-shirts up in your neck of the woods, although I steer clear of the Outer Banks during holiday weekends, too many tourists! Hope your weather is great, I am amazed at the weather here, although it is 90 and humid today, up until now my mom's house up in MN has been warmer this season than here! Just last night I was on the phone with her and I could hear her tornado sirens over the phone, funny I kind of miss that, we don't have those here! I bet your plants are loving the warm season so far!

  3. Debbie- the Lancer is a gun from a video game- but not nearly as tasty.
    Erin- every couple of years we spend a week at on the Outer Banks with V's family. It's a great place to get all the kids and grandkids together and have fun.

  4. WHat a great cake! Happy Birthday!


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