Monday, May 3, 2010

A weary update

I'm weary... It was a full and wonderful weekend. I learned LOTS and am, now rethinking how I garden. But... It's going to be hard to break old habits. I also made the unfortunate realization that I have approximately a week and a half to get all my little seedlings into the ground before we leave for my niece's wedding in Colorado. I've got so much to accomplish in a short amount of time. And I work again this weekend! So, after a weekend that wasn't really a weekend, I now work 6 days straight then have only a few days to get everything done. Ugh.
But it's Monday, time for a quick IDC check-in.
1. Plant something- no, but I did spend lots of time applying mulch around little fruit bushes and in the garden. I did get starts of garlic chives and chocolate mint from classmates this weekend.
2. Harvest something- a bit of chard. I was sorely tempted to pull a very tiny radish but it wasn't quite big enough to make a good taste so I let it grow for another day.
3. Preserve something- no.
4. Waste not- nothing much to report here apart from the usual.
5. Want not- Nothing stored or prepped- Ooo, I take that back! V ordered a little 6x8 foot greenhouse for me for a Mother's Day present. It's not a hoop house but an actual rigid greenhouse with a sliding door and roof vents. Oh what fun I'm going to have this fall and winter! Now I just need to figure out where I will put it. Hmmm-- on goes the thinking cap!
6. Build community- JACKPOT!!! I made some fabulous new friends this weekend. One who drives by my house every day on her way to and from work who said she would bring me some rhubarb and would check on the house and garden while we are gone. We are planning a series of monthly potluck dinners to keep getting together and we plan to see each other at the remainder of the classes. There were only 7 students this weekend which means that we all had plenty of opportunity to get to know each other.
7. Eat the food- we finally had some of the hamburger from the new beef- yowza it is lean!!! I actually had to add oil to the pan to keep it from sticking. And, if possible, it tastes even better than last year. Of course, I had the opportunity to eat local and vegetarian/vegan for lunches this weekend. They had a local chef come in and do demonstration cooking lunches with fresh ingredients she picked up at the farmer's market or ingredients that she had preserved herself last year. o, We had a fabulous salad of raw asparagus, baby greens green onions and organic greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers. We had feta cheese and olives (not local) to top it off. YUM! Sunday she made a pot of black bean chili from home canned tomatoes and beans. Mmmmm....good eating to keep our brains and our imaginations fired while we learned and designed edible/sustainable landscaping for a local private school's new building (a gold LEED certified building) where we were meeting. Too much fun.
Now, I'm tired. I was so hyped last night after I got home that I didn't fall asleep until late and then my alarm went off as usual at 5:20 this morning. I didn't get a chance to sleep in (6:30 or 7!) this weekend, nor will I next. So, it's too dark outside to work so I'm off to bed. Good night.


  1. ooooh, congrats on the greenhouse! Can't wait to see it! Also congrats on the new friends, always nice to meet new people when you live out in the country, especially friends with rhubarb, right?!!

  2. Happy Mother's day in advance! Wow! a little green house! That is exciting. You will be "Queen Of The Seedlings"! Sounds like your seminar was so much fun! And meeting new friends and neighbors is the BEST! I hope you have time to get all your seedlings planted before the big trip to Colorado! What fun THAT will be!!...debbie

  3. Hi Judy,

    I would love to hear about how the seminar changed your plans on gardening.

    And a greenhouse.... that is great!

  4. I got one for Mum's Day too!!! It sounds really similar to yours. I hope the husband constructs it before fall, LOL!!


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