Monday, May 24, 2010

IDC- anniversary edition

We had a wonderful dinner out for our 24th anniversary. Now, a quick Independence Days update- especially since I didn't do one last week- so I've got 2 weeks worth to report (not that it is much different, having been gone what seems a large part of last week).
1. Plant something- herbs (sage, 2 thymes, tarragon, garlic chives and a curry plant (tender perennial but new to me) and 4 mints). I need to get going on getting my beans, cucumbers and such planted- maybe over the holiday weekend (when I'm not constructing another birthday cake or digging holes for deck anchor posts)
2. Harvest something- radishes, lettuce- that's about it.
3. Preserve something- all our sanity- that's a major accomplishment this last week.
4. Waste not- hmm not too much different or unusual here.
5. Want not- I'm not sure this counts but we finally had one of the contractors for the septic come out and look at the site this afternoon so hopefully we will soon have a bid. Otherwise- I'm at a loss.
6. Build community- hmm, we ate this evening at the Linn Street Cafe- a local restaurant that specializes in preparing local/seasonal food- it was fabulous. I had scallops (not local, obviously) with fresh, local asparagus, green onions, mushrooms and an incredibly rich aioli sauce. YUMMMM!!! Our house salads were spinach and microgreens with fresh strawberry vinagrette. Mmmm.... Otherwise, I haven't been building much local food community but I have been astounded by the response from blogland to my worry and anguish. THANKS!
7. Eat the food- When we've been home, no problem here- although I need to get busy menu planning and do another freezer inventory to see what we still need to use.

Now, I've gotta get boys into bed. I've got to admit- it was a bit disconcerting to find this morning that I12 (very soon to be I13) has grown again and is now taller than me by about half an inch.... sigh- I knew it was coming... but now only K10 is shorter than I. sigh again......


  1. Thank you for reminding me to inventory my freezer, and DEFROST it before I fill it up again, LOL (I waited last year to do this until I had it loaded up with my meat pickup - dumb!). And meal planning too, I have been meaning to make ahead some freezer meals to make sure I'm not tempted to spend $ on junk on nights we are busy! Sounds like you had a fantastic dinner, fresh aioli, yum!

  2. Happy anniversary!
    Curry plant, I've not heard of it. What does it smell/taste like? (I'm guessing curry mixtures, but within that?) Preserving sanity counts for a lot.
    I am still digging away at my freezer, but it seems that it will come out okay to time with the starting of the fresh produce. Well, with the exception of all the canned applesauce!
    Your local meal out, especially that salad, yum. We have a restaurant here that sources local/seasonal food and a small garden for growing herbs... I've not been there, but I've heard very good things about it. I hope more restaurants start in on the idea - even just some ingredients - it'd be wonderful to see.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Glad you had a night out. Soon you be the shortest in the family. Welcome to my world :-). I missed your post the other day about hat was troubling you but I hope whatever it was resolves itself. Remember to take a step back & enjoy all you have done. You deserve it.

  4. Am glad you had a very Happy Anniversary. Sorry I missed it. I've been so stressed from this wretched closing I haven't felt like getting on the computer. But, it's done and now I can catch up. I'm not good at meal planning ahead. I buy meat and veggies and decide that night what I want to have. Please know you are in my thoughts...debbie

  5. LOL, at 5'3" I expect to be outgrown by both my boys too! The 7 yo is already gaining inches on me!

    Glad to see your spirits up!

  6. Localzone- the curry plant is Helichrysum angustifolium. It does smell (and taste, I presume) like a mild curry. It's something new to me but it looked really unusual (a very pale, almost metallic green with very tiny leaves) and smelled heavenly so we thought we'd try it. It is only hardy to zone 7 so we'll have to dig it up to keep it going if we decide we really like it. Maybe I'll post some pictures of it.


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