Monday, May 31, 2010

Independence Days Update- Holiday edition

What a busy weekend here at Trollbridge Farm. We got 8 support piers dug and poured for the new deck and are thinking about just doing the wrap around extension now- while we have the post hole digger and the money for the lumber. This will actually involve two new retaining walls and expanding the sidewalk on the west side of the house into a patio area. We'll see how far we actually get this summer. We have so many projects started that it's time (IMHO) to finish a few. I got lots of gardening done this weekend and moved lots of flowers from odd or inappropriate places into a new border that will run from the new deck to the front porch. On the house side of this will be a kitchen garden/herb bed. Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow- I've got LOTS of plans and energy at the moment.
But, it's time for my IDC update for the week. I finally feel like I have some good progress to report.
1. Plant something- Moved lots of perennial flowers. Planted edamame (and started data collection sheet for the garden trial report I have to send in at the end of the year), cucumbers, summer squash (white scallops), Galeaux d'Eysines pumpkins, basil. I still need to get my beans planted. I'm not sure yet if we're planting sweet corn this year. It is so easy to get it from the local farmers who have more space.
2. Harvest something- radishes, greens, green onions, some herbs for cooking. We will probably have broccoli for dinner tomorrow night since we have some that looks ready. Mmmm.... I spotted the first pea blossoms and we have the first pepper formed! A tiny paprika pepper- about half an inch diameter. A few tomatoes are blooming... and so it begins.
3. Preserve something- nope.
4. Waste not- Not much extraordinary here. The usual three R's. V repurposed several old pieces of pipe to construct a flag pole out front. We picked up a small pulley and some clips for the hardware and it works beautifully. We're still talking about reusing the old deck frame but with the modifications now planned we will likely have to salvage what we can and rebuild.
5. Want not- Started construction on the new deck- borrowed a post hole digger rather than buying or renting one. Started digging for the new kitchen garden/herb bed. Oh, and I discovered that we have St John's Wort growing wild in the barnyard. Pretty cool. The medicinal herbs are coming to us now. I may move some since it isn't in the best location.
6. Build community- borrowed tools from a friend and volunteered to help another friend put up a fence. Chatted with the church organist who purchased some plants from me at the plant sale a few weeks ago. She has never gardened before and is excited to have put a few plants in the ground. It's fun to be encouraging a new gardener- even if she is older than I.
7. Eat the food- local, grass fed burgers on the grill with locally made chipotle jack cheese, corn from the freezer and you have a holiday feast.
This will be a short week at work but a really long week personally. V has his MRI on Friday and then it is a long wait until the following Wednesday. Let's just hope the weather is as lovely next weekend as it was this weekend so I can stay really busy again.


  1. Don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I *love* the name of your farm :-) I saw the post about the flag pole getting done, congrats on that.
    The edamame, that's a great one to plant. I love them, eating them straight from the pods (well, after a quick steam) or in cooked dishes. They are absolutely delicious. Looks like you are on track for a good harvest. Keep it all up - it sounds like so much work, but it also sounds very rewarding for you. I get so much out of reading your posts and how things are going.

  2. I hear ya on the corn! I decided to rip our our strawberry beds last year. They took up so much space all year for a once a year harvest, and our area is known for strawberries! Combine the dozens of local farms nearby with the fact that it's easier to process oodles all in one day and that the kids love going to the farm and it was a no-brainer!


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