Saturday, May 8, 2010

On the move

Under cover, that is. We are under a freeze warning for tonight. Not just frost- a freeze! Good thing I haven't planted my tender little veggies out in the garden yet. But, it looks like this is it for the year. The extended forecast calls for warmer weather so tomorrow afternoon I'll be planting.
We did the big sort of what we will plant and what will be donated to the plant sale tomorrow at church. I made the mistake of asking V's advice on how much we should plant and now we're probably planting more than I had anticipated. But, we have scaled back the tomatoes from last year. Only 32 plants rather than 50! LOL!! Of course, I have 10 varieties planted so that doesn't help. We are really planting more peppers than we will need. but we hope to smoke some more chipotle so we wanted plenty. The final list for planting:
4 Campbell's Super Secret (we don't know what they will do since we don't know if they are hybrids)
5 Polish Linguisa
2 Amana Orange
1 Yellow Cherry
4 Jaune Flamme
4 Black Krim
2 Mortgage Lifter
3 Amish Paste
3 Black Sea Man
4 Jetsonic Hybrid
5 Jalapeno
5 Anaheim
4 Volcano (hot wax)
1 Cayenne
3 Alma Paprika
2 Peter, Red
2 Yellow Bell
2 Red Bell
2 Long Red Sweet (saved from grocery store peppers that were really good)
3 Black Pearl peppers that will be in J15's Goth Garden
2 Toma Verde Tomatillo
3 India Paint Eggplant
1 Litchi Tomato (Thanks Erin!!)
3 Sunberries

So much for cutting back this year!
J15 and I also picked up supplies this afternoon for doing some sheet mulching for her Goth Garden. I hope we will have time to do that tomorrow as well but I'm not holding my breath. I'm also going to have lots of little flowers finding temporary homes until the septic is done.
And lastly, the baby robins are getting big. There is hardly enough room in the nest for all of them. I just took a quick peek this afternoon- I didn't want to keep Mama from the nest for too long since it was cold today.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day- hug your favorite Mom!


  1. We'll see if you thank me for that Litchi Tomato, lol! I found a you tube video one day of a guy harvesting his Litchis, he was wearing a welding mask and full outfit, it was pretty funny! Mine are about a foot high and already putting out little dagger cactus like spines all over. Found out another name for it is "Death Star"! Sounds like a good one for the Goth Garden, LOL!

  2. With everything going on, the freeze warning escaped my notice and I didn't cover anything, including my tomatoes. Fortunately, things stayed warmer here in town and we didn't even get frost while on the farm, my parent's tomatoes got hit hard even though they were covered. I think they will survive but it will definitely set them back a bit.


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