Friday, June 18, 2010

Another round anyone?

No, Thanks. I've had plenty!

We had yet another round of storms come through late this afternoon. Yup, another 1.3 inches of rain the last I looked and it's still raining. Another flash flood, carrying Sleepytime Bridge downstream further. Fortunately, it got hung up in the fence and didn't go under the highway.
Here are a few photo highlights of the afternoon. The clouds were amazing.

A shelf cloud closing in fast from the North.
The clouds were almost boiling.
Floody Floody- AGAIN.
I want my pot of gold!
But, the sun came out briefly before round 3!

Justine- I thought you could use this one rather than the old photo off my phone. Let me know.


  1. Oh my. Though the pictures are very dramatic, I how you get some good weather soon.

  2. How odd your getting so much rain!! And the poor bridge was carried off again! Bummer. Maybe if you put large deep stakes to hold er' down?! Pretty photos! Hopefully you'll have a dry weekend. We are going to have a hot & extremely humid weekend. yuck. ...debbie

  3. we had 2.73 inches of rain with the last storm..that's what the CR airport said..I posted pictures of the storm to..are we going to dry out ever? I can't believe how much rain we have had, And 2 bad storms in one day....Now it is going to be humid...How is your garden holding up..I am almost scared to go out and look...Lisa

  4. Localzone- Thanks- I hope we get some good weather soon as well. We're supposed to have sun today but then back to more rain next week.
    Debbie- this was the OTHER bridge that was washed out. We haven't had time to put them back in place yet. This one had been hung up in the trees,
    Lisa- you had more than we did! I checked the rain gauge this morning- 1.8 inches. Of course that makes 2.8 in the past 24 hours and probably close to 8 inches in the past week. At least we didn't have the wind damage so many others have had. I haven't been out to the garden since yesterday morning to survey the damage, though.
    I hope you are all surviving this crazy weather we've been having.

  5. Amazing photo of the sky. Maybe you should steel cable that bridge to something LOL, I sure hope the weather gives you a break soon!

  6. I think we are all so very tired of this weather pattern.

    Hang in there... it has got to get better! The good news is ... if I ate lambs quarters or purslane ... they are growing by leaps and bounds!

    Just another summer in Iowa!


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