Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kindergardens- A teen's eye view

The challenge this week in the Kindergardens project was to turn the camera over to the kids. So, I turned my camera over to J16 for a while.
Ah, the flowerpot hat is very fetching!
It's interesting to see what she photographed. Of course, you turn a 16 year old, artistic teen loose with a camera and we ended up with 80+ photos. Here are some highlights:
Flowers from the Black Magic Geranium reach to the sun.
A potted miniature rose.
The view from the front door....
Pansies in the Goth Garden.
Litchi tomato blossoms. Awesome.
Little apples are on the tree.
The apple mint is blooming... is the Corsican Mint ground cover.
Mom and daughter feet.


  1. Awesome! She did a great job...I loved the one from front door and the apple mint. Tell she did a fantastic job...Kim

  2. Oh and don't forget to link up so we can all see her great photos! Kim

  3. I totally love the view from the front door. Great shots!

  4. Love the creativity! Goth garden?? Interesting title, what's in it?

  5. I think she did a great job! It's interesting to see what catches the eye of a youngster. A lot of the time they are similar to what an adult might pick! neat post! Like her hat! lol...debbie

  6. I quite regularly turn my camera over to my three/now four year old and let her go wild. At three, almost all her pictures were looking down but now at four, they are starting to creep higher. It just fascinate me to see what my daughter finds fascinating.

  7. "The view from the front door" - AMAZING PHOTO! Great job! And I had to laugh when I saw your Litchi Tomato because it looks like it's on a deck? Did you put it right by the door or steps so it will stab everyone walking by? LOL!!

  8. Thanks all! I'll be sure to pass on the compliments.
    Cathryn- the Goth Garden is her teenage project. It is all black or black/white flowers. There are an amazing number of them once you start looking.
    And Erin- the Litchi Tomato isn't on the deck- that's the vertical siding on the garden. We took your advice and planted it in the Goth Garden- it is sinister looking enough even though the flowers are white. I'm a bit disappointed though, ours has some spikes but isn't as fearsome as I had been led to believe.


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