Thursday, June 17, 2010

Operation Damp Pants

Otherwise known as the retrieval of Twaddlebottom Bridge, was a success. We ended up taking the southern route. V contacted one of the residents of the trailer park on the south side of the creek and got permission to go thorough the property. The hill is steeper but it was a much shorter distance (maybe 50 yards up hill rather than 400 over a gentler slope). V ended up knocking off the planking and he and the boys carried the planking up the hill while I brought the van around. V and I carried the frame up the hill. For all that I13 is taller than I am, he still isn't as strong.
So, the bridge is back, but still in pieces in the shop. We all need showers after walking through thigh high poison ivy. Then, we're going out for dinner. I'm not cooking tonight so we're going to try our closest restaurant for pizza.
I'm off tomorrow since I worked last weekend so it's going to be busy! J16 wants a closet by the time she gets home!


  1. A pizza night does seem quite in order. Glad the bridge is back. And I hope you all escape the poison ivy!

  2. Glad to hear you retrieved your bridge. Doesn't sound like it was an easy task. Can't blame you for not cooking - I wouldn't have either. Hope nobody gets poison ivy...I get it pretty easy and I dispise itQQQ ...debbie

  3. You couldn't make stuff like this up if you tried! Crazy! So glad you got your bridge back, and I bet your daughter is glad she missed that evolution LOL


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