Sunday, June 27, 2010

There and back... AGAIN!

It's been a busy, busy few days! First, at the end of the week, we were working on J16's room. She now has a closet, and overhead lights!
Doesn't look like much - but it's a closet!
Then we took another trip to Minneapolis to pick up J16 up from her class. We arrived in Minneapolis on Friday night just as the tornado sirens were going off. Hmm, just like home! There were terrible storms both Friday and Saturday night. Fortunately, we were spared the worst of them.
My parents weren't available to watch the boys so we ended up taking them along. It turned out to be a wonderful weekend. On Saturday, V, the boys and I made a trip to the Science Museum of Minnesota, taking a tour of the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit (which everyone but K10 enjoyed). Then we explored the rest of the museum.
K10 puts his entire weight behind trying to close the jaws of a T rex.
My favorite dinosaur!
V and K10 work together to make a mini tornado in the weather experiments.
Then we went to pick up J16 from her class. We arrived just as they were finishing their final group event- it involved many, many water balloons:
Many wet students!
After dinner, we saw their final projects. They did an impressive amount of work.
On Sunday, we picked up J16 from her dorm and then went to the Mall of America for a bit before heading home.
Awww, we're NOT doing the rides.
But we did visit LEGO land!
Boys with a life sized bionicle made from little legos.
J16 hams it up with a mercenary!!!
And finally, on the way home.....
I hope it's not a sign of the times!

More later this week. It's been a bit wild.


  1. Wild but fun, I'd say, looking at those pictures. Lego land looks like a real treat, and I think almost all science museums are places to *try* to get lost in so one can stay for hours. We have passes to the science museum around here, and this reminds me to set aside some time in the next weeks to head on over. Congrats to you all on finishing up J16's closet and lights.

  2. Not fun being in a tornado watch! What a way to be welcomed by the city!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Neat Museum! Looks like the new closet will be ready to hang clothes in a short time! Bet she'll be happy! Waiting to hear what all J16 did at camp! ...debbie

  3. Glad you had fun in spite of the tornado sirens! My friends oooh and ahhh when they find out I'm from the land of "The Mall"... and then I tell then I NEVER go there and they are like "you're crazy, I would be there every day"! Every day? Really??? LOL! I know someday when we go home for leave we'll have to take the boys to LegoLand though... I would send my hubby in there alone with the boys but he would get so absorbed in Legos himself he would probably lose the kids! I know your daughter has got to be excited over that closet!

  4. Erin- the only reason we went to "The Mall" is because my MIL gave me a Williams & Sonoma gift card for my birthday. We don't have a store anywhere around here and, while I could order online- then I would have to pay shipping. I hate malls in general and this one is more mall than ever. We only spent a few hours there- including getting lunch, so we barely scratched the surface.


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