Sunday, June 13, 2010

There and back again

To Minneapolis and home, that is. V and I were on the road for a long time today (about 10 hours total) taking J16 to Minnesota for her 2 week class. It POURED on us most of the way there. But, she is all checked into her dorm/apartment and met the two girls who will be her roommates for the next two weeks.
We left the boys home alone for the day (with nearby adult back-up available) and they did fine. We are hoping to be able to have my parents stay with the boys and have a weekend for 2 in Minneapolis when we have to pick her up again. The Dead Sea Scrolls are in St Paul until October and even though we got to see an exhibit of them years ago in Washington, DC when we lived in VA, it would be cool to see them again- and have two evenings in a hotel without children!


  1. Oh, wouldn't that be fun! Jack and I are both DSS enthusiasts :) We saw them in '05 or '06, I think, in Sarasota, and the exhibit was fascinating, with a lot about old manuscripts and printing presses. Hope you both can have your sweetheart weekend together...always so much fun :)

  2. That sounds like a great time out! I've never seen anything like that, and it would be really interesting. Ooof on the rain on the road to Minnesota. Hope J16 enjoys her time at the class :-)

  3. What can I say about my hometown? Minneapolis ROCKS! Your daughter is in good hands, LOL!

  4. Hope V16 enjoys her 2 weeks and learns a lot of neat stuff. I think she'll love it! I like the idea of 2 night alone! That should be great for you and V. We had rain almost all Saturday and it was semi sunny on Sunday. But a great weekend for me! ...debbie


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