Wednesday, June 30, 2010


How's that for an original title? Things have been busy. Things have been great and not-so great. First the great:
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. Highs around 80 during the day and NO RAIN!! I desperately need to get out and weed in the garden but we've been busy with other stuff. Such as:
J16 wields a broom in her newly dry-walled room!
It's amazing the things that can make a 16 year old happy.
She now has drywall on all the walls of her room and the ceiling. Let me tell you- I HATE doing ceilings! V is down there now, hanging the rod in her closet. Of course, it all still needs taped and mudded but that will happen when we get the next room done and can do it all at once. But she can actually start putting things away in her closet... that's GOOD.
But, on to the not-so good... Work has been hectic since we're extra short staffed this week. That and there have been some really stressful situations to deal with. First, there was no hot water in our clinic kitchen and I did lunch with 10 patients on Tuesday and we couldn't wash the dishes. UGH. And, I really dislike having to do evaluations to determine if a new mother is functioning well enough to be allowed to take her baby home with her. At least I've never had to go to court about one (as have several other therapists) but I did a particularly difficult one this afternoon and they just wear me out emotionally.
And I'm already tired. Coming on the heels of our trip to Minneapolis neither V or I slept much Monday or last night. When V picked Tick up from the kennel, he noticed that he was shaking his head and scratching at his face a lot. The boys had noticed on Friday morning that he was scratching but couldn't find anything. But, over the weekend, whatever was bugging him turned into a staph infection on his cheeks.
Poor puppy- shaved cheeks!
The vet figures that he got into a plant of some sort (anyone want to guess nettles by the barn while on vole patrol?) and started scratching. The scratching, coupled with the stress of being kenneled all weekend, made him susceptible and the infection was spreading quickly. Poor guy got sedated, shaved, a dose of IV antibiotics and will be on oral antibiotics and steroids for the next 3-4 weeks. It had also traveled into his ears and eyes so he's got drops for all of those as well. He was so miserable on Monday night (we didn't get him to the vet until Tuesday morning) that he paced all night and kept rubbing his face along the edge of our bed (can you say GROSS!!!). That's also why he smelled SO bad! He is now starting to act more like himself so hopefully we will all sleep better tonight.
You know what they say- there's no such thing as a free puppy! We spent more on the dog at the vet than we spent for our entire trip to MN! But, he's family and we love him.
Now, I'm off to check on closet progress.


  1. Ack...last time I did a ceiling was when I was 7 months pregnant with #3 son! Standing holding up the support while hubby screwed in the sheetrock...HATE doing ceilings!

    I cannot imagine doing evaluations of that sort...but bless you for doing them. Kim

  2. I had to chuckle at your "no free puppy" comment. We adopted 2 dogs from the shelter one year apart. We called them our million dollar dogs because they were so sick, we spent tons of money at the vet.

    Sassy, our second dog, spent everyday for a whole week getting IV fluids for high fever. She'd come home every night, chew through the IV line they left in, and go back in the morning. They are both healthy loving pets now!

  3. Ha! Yes, all our "free" dogs have been pretty expensive! Last rescue we took had Lyme's disease and Hearworm disease, and the dog before that had Heartworm disease. Best dogs ever, though! I think they know when they hit the family jackpot. Good luck finishing that bedroom, the worst part is coming, mudding & texturing... our house stayed bare drywall for over a year before I finally screamed at my hubby to finish it! The mess was EVERYWHERE from the texture gun, so glad it's over!

  4. OH! poor Tick!! (cute name) I can just feel his misery. Amazing how fast they can get something and it triples in misery in a few days. Am sorry you are so stressed out at work. But, I know your doing a great job! I know you will be glad when the drywall is done. It's so messy and smells funny. ...debbie


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