Sunday, June 17, 2012

Independence Days- catching up.

I realized that I haven't done an Independence Days update for a few weeks.  Life has been a bit hectic and I keep forgetting about it.  Not that we haven't been productive and working toward our goals but, sheesh, I'd like it to slow down a bit!  Of course, I say that but I'm loving every minute of it!
Here goes the update. I think I'm about 2 weeks behind so I'm going to try to remember what has happened in the past two weeks.
Plant something- hmm, replanted my vining crops (melons, luffa and winter squash), fennel, dill and some more summer savory.  I can't quite remember when I planted my bush beans and scarlet runners.  They are just now coming up- I think it's been too dry for them.  I finally started watering them and they've come up.  But I'm still waiting for my melons to emerge.
Harvest something- eggs (lots and lots of eggs!), kale, the first kohlrabi, chard, lettuce, a very few strawberries that I was able to beat the chipmunks to and the very first raspberry of the year!  I think I'm going to cut the first head of broccoli for dinner tonight.
Preserve something- made jam: strawberry and strawberry-kiwi.
Waste not- the usual recycling, composting and scraps to the chickens.
Want not- got some more ear corn from Dad for the chickens
Eat the food- eggs, salads, eating from the freezer as much as we can.
Build community food systems- took some eggs to work and worked a Craigslist swap- eggs for empty egg cartons.  Not that I really needed any more egg cartons but I needed to get rid of some eggs and I figured that maybe I could line up a new customer.
Skill up- not much- I've been cruising on auto-pilot.

See, I've been busy at home.  Plus work has been exceptionally busy and with family reunion thrown in last weekend I feel like I've been flying.


  1. if you are harvesting all that already you must be very far west into Kiowa. no ,don't tell me ,I will figure it out one day when you let it slip that you were in town at a local----- (jk) I'm sure your have done that a hundred x and its no big secret where you live ,I'm just a busy could live on the moon and i''d ask is it next to the Mars crater? LOL

    1. That's about typical for this time of year, actually less than usual since the bunnies ate my peas. And it's not really a secret where I live since I've got the local weather in the sidebar, lol.

  2. Wow! you've got a lot of produce already!! how nice!! How good are those chickens at laying eggs!! lol Sounds like they are super duper egg layers!! Better get baking faster and faster!! lol ...debbie

    1. I'm thinking I may have to make some pasta... hmm... what flavor???

  3. You've been busy! You realize it when you start to list all you've accomplished. Eat the Food- I am so bad about using up food in my freezer! Maybe that will be my summer challenge, get the freezer cleaned out by using what's in it to make way for all the summer food and meat we will need to add to it.

    1. It's amazing that even those times when I don't feel like I've accomplished much, writing it all down helps me see how far I've come.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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