Saturday, June 23, 2012

Independence Days- week 20?

I'm finally going to try to post this on Friday like I should- or at least close.  This has been a crazy-busy week with ups and downs.  Our 'rain' of Wednesday night netted us less than 0.1 inches. sigh...  Everything is looking stressed.  I was out in the garden this evening and noticed that even my coneflowers, St John's Wort and oregano in the pollinators garden are wilted.  So, I hauled out the hose and gave them a good drink along with the vining plants and my pathetic green beans.
But it is Friday and that means an IDC update.
Plant something- nothing this week that I can think about.  I'll be starting my fall crop of broccoli soon but haven't yet.
Harvest something- Broccoli, onions, kale, chard, a few herbs and eggs (44 this week)
Preserve something- nothing this week.
Waste not- The usual, plus, we used salvaged wood from the packing crates from the kitchen countertops last spring to frame the new window.  We also are using some usable bits of the old siding that we saved when we did the South wall of the addition to replace rotted bits.
Want not-   In food storage or preparedness- nothing except couple of boxes of dried macaroni for the pantry.
Eat the food- fresh broccoli, kale chips, meat and veggies from the freezer.
Build Community food systems- while not mine to claim- Justine is working this evening at the Tuscan Moon- the restaurant where my nephew has recently been made head chef. He called her and asked her if she was serious about her family reunion offer to fill in- because he had an open shift busing tables this evening. So, she is supporting a local restaurant.
Skill up- Except for learning more by watching V frame- not a thing.

Now, it's late, it's been a busy week. I've gotta get some sleep because I think we're starting to rip out old drywall on the north wall of the addition this weekend.  Oh, what fun we have!


  1. Here in the upper Midwest, we have a lovely garden this year. Now, that being said, the garden is being artificially watered at least three times a week because we have had only about 1/10" of rain in the last 6 weeks. I don't believe we have a truly Independent garden. The corn and beans look pathetic and I imagine most things are going to be really high in price later in the year (or next year). The mild winter was really nice (not a fan of long, hard, cold winters), but we are paying for it now.

  2. I forgot to add, my city garden of 4 tomato plants, an eggplant, a pepper, basil and onions has been mostly ignored (due to my back and forth travel), but is gorgeous!

  3. Sending wishes that the remodeling this weekend goes smoothly and quickly. Wouldn't it be nice to be working inside with a good rain falling on your garden outside? Wish we could send you some of our rain. We got another deluge yesterday. Sigh. My garden is floating. :o/

  4. very organized,doesn't it bother you test the people you work with have such dis-organized minds -like me lol i wish my kitchen wee more organized but if i gave in to my son it would be ,but than it would remind me of the movie/book--"Sleeping With The Enemy" soups all alphabetically set up on very neat shelf's. got my cooking mojo back ,but can't keep enough food on hand,the grand party took care of my budget,you can only s-tr-eth----ch ,stretch so far

  5. scratch that--to many mis spelled words -i should remember to edit


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