Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fun construction

Every year the high school youth at our church put on a Halloween party with a haunted house for the younger children. This year, V volunteered to be the parent supervisor of the haunted house build. So this afternoon, J15 and several of her friends descended on our shop to construct a few props.
The beginnings of a crypt.
We still have some styrofoam panels left from insulating the basement so those are being used to build a 3D crypt for the haunted house. They used little dowel rods to peg them together.
Someday they'll learn to paint from the inside out!!
Need I say anything....
The name above the door is....?
They have to make this scary for the adults too! Their theme is something like an alien ship has crashed in a cemetery and awakened a few residents. Go figure.
In news for me, I made a trip to Kalona, a small town near here and went to Stringtown Grocery, an Amish bulk store, to stock up on a few things. I got some oatmeal, whole wheat flour, a few dried beans, craisins and some dried herbs (rosemary, oregano and an italian blend that I like). I also picked up a bushel of apples. Not organic but from a local orchard. I'm going to have to either can or dry the ones from Mom since they are already starting to go bad. Guess what tomorrow afternoon holds in store....
The kids all laughed at one of the apples...I'm not sure why....
The picture doesn't do it justice.
I also stopped in at the cheese factory next door the the grocery and picked up a few things. The cracked black pepper cheddar is fabulous!


  1. How sweet of V to volunteer as parent supervisor!! Good thing you have a big shop! A perfect place to build Crypts! whooOOOO! How do you store all those bulk things? in plastic containers? I am guessing the apple looked like a butt? yes? poor dear apple - it's probably the sweetist one in the bunch!! After running and dancing and playing yard sale and making cuppies, they are finally winding down. They are watching the new Barby movie "The 3 Muskateers"....debbie

  2. Love Love Love Stringtown! I was there last week. My neighbor also went yesterday. You can not beat the prices for oatmeal and flour.

    I too bought a bushel of apples there. I'm doing oven roasted applesauce today.

    Happy canning!

  3. You all seem to have lots of activities going on in your community/schools - there is nothing like that around here (wistful thoughts for the children attending) I wish more people participated as your family does - this would be so much fun to both create and enjoy after it's finished!


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