Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today was a day of goodies. Some edible, some not. First the non-edible:
Stained glass by my friend Deb.
Sunday evening we had an art/talent show at our church. My children sang a 'comedic musical number'. They did a rendition of a 1950's duck and cover song, complete with 50's clothes. It was a hoot! Part of the art show was a silent auction of select pieces with all the proceeds going to our local homeless shelter. I was fortunate to win the stained glass piece pictured above, made by one of my friends. I have a thing for trees and thought she did a nice job. She has only been doing this for two years as a hobby and this was one of her first attempts at etching glass.
The other goodies of the day are edibles. My parents stopped by late this afternoon to drop off some things for us from their farm.
Winter squash for storage.
There weren't as many apples as I expected or hoped for- only about a bushel. They had a late frost that affected the size of the crop and Dad says that the apples they do have just aren't as nice (more blemishes) and aren't keeping as well as usual- maybe due to the weird weather this year. They have made trips in the past few weeks to my sisters- one in Colorado and one in Maryland- on the annual apple run. Today's trip was to my aunt and uncle who live an hour North of us and to my brother and I. This is their last delivery trip and they are glad of it. They have been storing the apples in their garage and are happy to have them gone so they can light their wood burning furnace which is also in the garage. They do have backup propane heat that they have been using but rely mainly on wood.
Oh, and I almost forgot. My sister in Maryland sent hand-me-down snow pants from her children (who are now both in college!) that are sizes for all three of my children. Woo Hoo!!! One less thing to worry about this year!! I'm glad that she is as bad as me and never gets rid of anything. My kids tend to be pretty hard on their snow pants and we generally have to replace them every year, even if they haven't grown out of them. I've never been able to hand down snow pants from one boy to the next. Which I'm okay with, really, because it means that they are outside playing rather than parked in front of a TV like so many other children their age.

Thanks for all the well wishes for our health. I12 is feeling much better this evening. Whatever this is, it seems to respond quite well to giving yourself permission to sleep for 12-16 hours straight. K9 seems to be holding his own and hasn't been complaining today so we'll see. V actually thinks he may have had it even before I did because he complained of feeling really tired and achy a while ago.


  1. Phew on your family's health - I hope it keeps on this positive track. Your friend is very very talented, that etching being one of her first projects.
    Odd about the apples. I'll have to keep an eye on mine and see how it goes.

  2. We were lucky enough to receive a huge burlap sack full of apples from a neighbor........for the deer. Ha...for the deer-Sue's making pies out of them. The deer can find their own!
    Glad you guys "squeeked" by on the flu. Hopefully that's it for the season!

  3. Judy, hand me down snowpants FROM MARYLAND??? lol... seems like it should be the other way around! We have to purchase them for the kids when we head to MN for Xmas, and always leave them there for someone else in the family since we won't get to use them again before they are outgrown! Lucky for us we can usually nab a sweet pair at a thrift shop here that has only been worn once, probably by a northern displaced family like ours!

  4. Erin- I think living in Maryland is why they are in such good condition. They probably were very rarely used. My guess is that they were from ski trips and then outgrown. Oh well, my gain!

  5. who's knockin' maryland? they get some serious snow! i lived in southeastern pennsylvania as a kid and grew up with 3-5' drifts most winters. snow pants are definitely a necessity!


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