Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh, the trials of multiplication

K9 has homework! You would think, judging from his reaction, that it is nothing short of torture. But wait- it's multiplication! So, maybe it is torture to him. He was a bit emotionally overwrought before dinner but did much better after- maybe it was just low blood sugar addling his brain.
In other news, we met with our realtor last night and decided to drop the asking price for our old house by $5000. It's been on the market for 65 days now and while we have had lots of people look and comment on how much they love it, we've had no offers. I'm also going to go in tomorrow evening and paint the laundry room there. It's in the damp corner of the basement and the bare cinderblock walls look pretty grubby. I had mentioned painting it before, but V said it didn't matter- until our realtor mentioned it last night. So- tomorrow while I12 is at choir practice and then confirmation- I'm going to be painting. sigh- just when I thought I was done with painting for a while. But at least it isn't a huge area. But, the heat isn't on there and today when we stopped it was down to 55. We're supposed to get down into the upper 20's this weekend so I think V is planning to go on Friday to light the pilot light on the furnace. There will be an open house on Saturday afternoon and it should be comfortably warm for that, so the house seems inviting. But tomorrow night- it's me and some dry lock paint... yee haw...hear the excitement... the fun never ends.


  1. Well, I thought I'd find a quick jet and fly over and help you. I like to paint and am good!! Excellant trimmer with my left hand. Lets just the fog doesn't ground the plane...debbie

    P.S. I remember learning how to multiply...I hated it and it would reduce me to tears. I am horrid in math of any sort....

    o I'll do the trimming!

  2. Oh the days of learning those times tables we called them..I wrote and wrote them out...all one through 12 I wrote out ten times each...UGh...but I did learn them quite well. Will pray that your house gets sold real soon... Snow is in the forecast for sunday the last I heard..but they can't ever get the weather right.Lisa

  3. Hi Judy-sorry you have to paint-but now that I know DEBBIE likes to paint................well, heck, let HER do it!! And send her MY way when you are done with her. I've got windows I never did get around to..........
    Lookiing forward to catching up with your doings. Good luck with house #2 on Saturday.

  4. I know what you mean about not having to go back and do more to your old house... "when you're done, you're DONE!" Hopefully your extra efforts will pay off quickly for you... wishing you the best on the sale of your house!

  5. Jessie's been doing front end estimation in 4th grade math - UGH!!! And multiplication - I do not understand why they have TIMED tests for their math facts.....Have fun painting!


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