Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I want to build an ark!

Sharon over at Casaubon's Book posted a wonderful take on the Noah story. Loved it!!! I encourage you to check it out if you haven't already read it. I want to work to build my very own ark!

Around here, I had to apologize to the dog this afternoon. I never thought he had it in him to be a great hunter but this afternoon as I was out working in the garden he went diving into the woodpile by the barn and came out with a mouse! He killed it and then spit it out, at least he didn't try to eat it! I did get part of the garden cleared and was scoping out the spots where I want to put the raised beds. I'll have to count how many cinder blocks we have since I think I'll go with them for building my beds. Around here, you can often find them free on craigslist so I'll have to keep my eyes open.


  1. That's a good idea using cinder blocks--might be a good way to get a head start in the spring, I'm sure they hold in the heat.

  2. Judy -you have a great place for an ark! Go for it. Thanks for the heads up on Sharons post-I forwarded to my dad-he calls his farm ArkWorks because as the building was going up it reminded him of the old bible school pictures of Noah's ark. I see now it has more significance than that.

    Aren't the cinder blocks hard on your knees when you work in the beds? How do you get around that-dirt in the holes and over the edges or a gardening 'pad'?

  3. What kind of dog do you have? Mine is half Aussie and half Jack Russell - strange combination but the terrier blood in her is good for mice and voles, lol! Gross but useful!

  4. I had to laugh at you building an arc. There was a man in my girlfriends neighborhood who did build an arc in his back yard. It was huge. It took him 8-10 years to build it and when it was done, it was far to heavy and bit to get it out of the back yard...so it sat there for 3-4 more years and then was dismantled after the builder passed away...so stay away from building an arc....lol ...debbie


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