Saturday, November 21, 2009

Busy Saturday

It was a busy Saturday here. I'm still trying to organize my kitchen cabinets and get a handle on what I've got in stock. When we moved in, I had a vague idea of where I wanted things to go, but having lived here for 4 months now, things are starting to fall into place. But my kitchen cabinets were a shambles, with things becoming more and more jumbled over time. They are looking much better and I've discovered that, in addition to not needing to buy tuna for a while, I also don't need to get any pasta of any sort for quite a while. Taking stock makes me realize that we could eat quite well for quite a while from our stores.
In other news: IT BEGINS!!!
The first seed catalogues arrived today.
Unfortunately, even though I don't need any seeds for next year, there are things I spotted that look interesting.
Then, there was the weekend squash audit. Eesh. I'm glad I checked!
This was NOT there last weekend!
Fortunately, it really didn't extend into the flesh very far and most of the squash was useable.
But more worrisome was this:
It looks for all the world like little mousey teeth marks. EEEW!!!
At least it was on the same squash as the bad spot so I didn't need to use 2 this weekend. I've set traps downstairs near the squash and potato storage areas, the last thing we need is to have a little rodent 'friend' helping himself to our food. I didn't see any other evidence of them but I'm not taking any chances. We're up to 15 now from the garage since we started setting traps in there about 2 weeks ago. You'd think they would be slowing down by now!
I tried a few new recipes today, as well.
I really need to process the rest of those pears. I've also got a recipe for a savory tart with gorgonzola, cream cheese and pears. YUM.
The other thing I tried was a recipe to use up that squishy squash. A last weekend, V was in the car on his way home, listening to The Splendid Table. He heard them talking about a recipe for roasted squash and greens over pasta that he thought sounded good. So, I looked it up and we tried it this evening. I did have to pick up some endive at the store and some half and half but it was well worth it!!! Of course, my predictions were accurate and the boys didn't like it but, oh well, more for the rest of us.
The last thing I made this afternoon was a cranberry, apple, jello salad that my mom has made for years that K9 absolutely adores. I used it as an opportunity to teach J15 how to use the food processor. Of course, I feel like I spent the afternoon in the kitchen- but it was great. V and I did make a run to Menard's today and the grocery store. I picked up not only things for us but a few things for our friend Jim who lives across the street from our old house. He shared some whole wheat pastry flour with me this week and was wanting celery, eggs and regular flour from the store. He doesn't have a car so getting there is a problem for him and, since we were going anyway....
And now, it's time for that pear tart. And it's our usual Saturday Family Movie Night.


  1. C'mon Judy....none of us really NEED any more seeds.....but I know that's not stopping ME! They sure make all those things sound good in the cataloges! And for a couple of bucks, what joy!
    Have fun!
    Oh, and we're running around 18 mice-I sure wish we could find that hole they're coming in!

  2. Some may call my pantry cluttered too but I look at it and think of the day that I hope never comes when it will provide me with food for probably a month or two when others might not have any. It is also nice to just decide to cook something and have all the ingredients on hand.

    I like your new header picture.

  3. You sure were a busy little beaver in the kitchen today! wow! I like the tarts. Yum looks mighty good. I am a pasta lover. I could live on it for years! I don't have good luck keeping squash. It molds quickly here. Even if I put it in the regrig on low humidity - it molds. So, I don't keep it anymore. Just buy and eat....debbie

  4. Let's see...WANTS vs NEEDS...It just doesn't seem to compute when you're planning a garden. I NEED it all!! Bring on the unusual varieties, the things that no one grows any more and the veggies that look bizarre and frighten both adults and children!

    Can you tell that I can't wait until I get my catalogs?

  5. Seed catalogs!
    I know what you mean about the squash - last week I was checking them and saw a butternut looking an awful lot like the picture you posted, sadly. Are you noticing that your squashes aren't keeping as well as last year (in terms of spoilage)? I hope you can nab those mice soon.
    Good thoughts to you for the coming week :-)

  6. I printed off the squash, greens and pasta recipe. That will be supper some time this week!!

    I have started my orders for seeds already. Of course, my season starts with 1/2 semi of mulch and 6000 annual plugs. That doesn't count the seeds or perennials. But we know -- we are crazy here!!!!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. Love the Splendid Table!!!

  7. Sue- I know, I know, I don't NEED seeds but I'm sure that won't stop me!
    Ed- I'm pleased with my pantry as well. I was glad I had everything I needed this evening when I12 announced that for a school project he wanted to make homemade playdough- tonight!!
    Debbie- we love pasta as well- I just didn't realize I had quite so much of it!
    MartianChick- I hope your catalogues arrive soon. My daughter calls it my "garden porn"!
    Localzone- I'm having a terrible time with squash this year, as has just about everyone I know. They're just not keeping.
    Clink- I hope you like the recipe. We really did. And yes, we love the Splendid Table as well!

  8. We've had a lot of mice this year too - i just keep the glue traps out and the new cat is so far keeping up with them.

  9. That tart looked mouth-watering! I am putting away the seed catalogs until January. Makes that cold, wintery month have a little sunshine in it. I am baking my last 2 pumpkins tonight when I get home. Last year one of them went bad...yuck!


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