Thursday, November 5, 2009

Playing to beat the band

Or more aptly- playing WITH the band.
I12 had his first Jr High band concert this evening. They sounded great! J15 and K9 stayed at home so it was nice to sit in the audience with V and just enjoy the music.
A few photos of the evening:
Of course, Mom has to fix his hair before we leave...
The proud musician.
He plays the euphonium (kind of like a small tuba). The school is good enough to provide him with two instruments. He has a good one at school that stays there and has another practice instrument at home so he doesn't have to carry it back and forth on the bus everyday. That's great since it weighs about as much as he does. I'm waiting for the day when they tell us we have to get him one of his own (I'm guessing when he gets to high school) and I'm not looking forward to that expense. But it is something he really enjoys and takes pride in doing a good job so it's all worth it.
Now, just to get the basement finished so I can get a piano. I took lessons for 10 years as a child but have forgotten most of what I know. I'd love to take it up again. Also, K9 seems interested in the piano and he hasn't selected an instrument to learn yet.


  1. I was a "band geek" too and loved it! I played bass clarinet which was huge with a floor stand and I was lucky enough to get a loaner from the U of MN while I was in high school. I thought about taking it up again as an adult but found out they are about 10-20 grand, lol... no wonder I had to get a loaner! Now I am thinking guitar? :) I hope you get your piano, that would be a nice outlet for you and if your son is showing an interest I am sure it would be a nice addition to the house!

  2. Gosh Mom, what are you doing to his hair?! lol What a face! It's nice that he loves music. I wish I could play the piano. I love to listen to it. Such a talented musical family!...debbie

  3. I bought a yamaha full size keyboard and gotta say, I love it way more than my old baby grand--never needs tuning, and I can put headphones on and practise at 4 a.m. if I feel like it!

    LOVE the expression on his face when you fix his hair-priceless!


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