Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Ok, I just saw a spot on CNN. They are reporting on a new study linking teen obesity to the food they eat. Wow! Who would have thought it!!! I think that it's a Master of the Obvious study!
Really, the study reports that lack of exercise isn't as big a culprit in childhood/teen obesity as thought previously. This one soundly points the finger at 'super-sized' foods and sugary soda (64 oz drink anyone?) It's about time. The spot talks a lot about portion control- something I definitely need to get a handle on in my personal life. sigh


  1. I agree-portion control is key...unfortunatly it's something I struggle with.
    One cookie- Sue, not SIX!!!!!

  2. Isn't the media just brilliant????? Lot of big duh moments lately!

    But portions size is tough ... I struggle constantly. And fail.

  3. What....I can't have the super size and stay the size I was 3 years ago - DUH - hehe. Portion control definitely helps.....it also helps when I dont make enough to feed an entire army and the nation too:)

  4. I heard on the TV that the State of West Virginia has the most amount of obease people...eeek. I am one of them!! holy cow!...not a good thing...debbie

  5. I wonder how many people are learning that for the first time while hearing that. I swear people are so busy nowadays with their lives that they have no common sense.

  6. Just blame McDonald's. ;)

  7. It just amazes me how stupid the media is and how much influence it has on todays society.

    I struggle with portion control myself when it is good homemade food but I know that's what's causing the weight gain and CNN doesn't have to tell me that.

    They must think the general public lacks common sense or maybe they're the ones that lack common sense.

    Debbie at Happy Days, I'm right here in WV with you. Always remember it's not your weight that makes you it's who you are that makes you.

  8. Hee hee! Of course it's the food. I always laugh when I hear of the latest "genetic disorder" that is making everyone fat.
    As though it has nothing to do with all the pop they are drinking....



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