Saturday, November 14, 2009

A productive day

Whew! What a day. I got my painting done, raked and bagged 4 huge bags of leaves and then V mowed the lawn in town with the mulching blade and shredded the rest of them. So the house in town is ready for the open house tomorrow. I brought the bags of leaves home for our compost pile. We haven't been raking leaves here so I didn't have many to add to the compost.
My rose at the town house is still blooming. It's right by the front steps and is a beautiful, inviting splash of color. When we got it, it was supposed to be a red, climbing rose. It is neither. But it is beautiful!
It's almost a shame to leave it behind.
I did get to work on the pantry. I forgot to take a true 'before' picture so here is shortly after I started:
What chaos!
I moved some jars downstairs to the food storage room. That's where most of these will eventually end up. But, we don't have the drywall finished in there yet so I know we'll have to move the shelves at least one time. And they're much easier to move without bunches of jars on them!
Much neater. I even found room for my crockpot and my stock pot. I moved my jars of beans from the kitchen cabinets into the pantry and my emergency back up of canned beans as well.
I only did the top shelves. There is also a huge space underneath that I'm thinking will become the recycling space. However, it has been a 'dumping ground' for all sorts of things since we moved in. It's a job for tomorrow- I'm tired.
Too tired to start on this!
There are paint cans, window screening materials, a 'bag of bags' and who knows what all else. J15 was helping me this afternoon and wanted to tackle this tonight but I nixed the idea and we organized the kitchen cabinets instead, putting oatmeal, whole wheat flour and rice into storage containers. I discovered a whole bunch of boxes of pasta that I didn't realize I had tucked down behind some other things. We'll be eating well from storage!!
Now, I've got a pork loin in the oven and we're going to make some biscuits since I have more flour than would fit in my container....oops.


  1. That rose is gorgeous-I couldn't have left it behind! And blooming so late in the year....I've had nothing but blackened sticks since the first week in October.
    Love the pantry-I was going to do a post on "show me your pantry", but never got around to it. Eh-next year!

  2. Sue- We debated moving it but it's been there for about 10 years and is well established- that and it just wasn't a high priority. I decided I can always get another rose :)
    I was surprised as well that it was blooming- and not just one flower but 2 open and 2 buds! We've had snow and temps down into the upper 20's here, so how it survived, I don't know. Maybe the concrete steps it is planted next to provided enough radiant heat to keep it going.

  3. What a Beautiful Rose! Maybe it will be the shinning star that will push someone over the hedging fence and buy your home. Hope so. Good luck on the Open House. Your storage area looks GREAT! Now you can remember where stuff is. Bob made a comment yesterday about my closet in the spare bedroom and I got rather testy...I know it needs cleaned, I'll do it in my own good time!! (Dingbat)...debbie

  4. I am so jealous of your pantry! It looks great!

  5. Way to go getting all that work done! I always feel so much better when I accomplish a lot like that. Today I'm feeling like a slacker. I guess I'll get to work! :)

  6. Is that your barn in the new picture??? Lovely!

    The rose is gorgeous. I love the yellow tinged with pink.


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