Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Concerts and craziness- IDC better late than never

Whew! It's been a wild few days. Here are a few stats since Saturday night:
Mice caught in the garage- 6
Percentage of workers on the job today in our department- 50
String concerts attended- 1
And a beautiful concert it was. Last night J15 had her first concert as part of the PSSO (That is the Preucil School String Orchestra). She has taken violin lessons for years at this school (Suzuki method) and this is her first year in the PSSO. As the program last night said "this group is the most advanced of five training orchestras at the School". She has wanted to play with them since she was tiny- mainly because they get to wear a red satin sash:
Modeling her concert dress.
Last night they divided the larger orchestra into several smaller groups and it was a lovely hour of beautiful music. But it meant a crazy night of running here and there.
Tomorrow will also be a bit wild. V will have to take I12 to confirmation (my usual job) since I have a farewell party after work for my coworker who is done at the end of the week.
Being at the concert last night I missed out on posting my usual Monday IDC update. There isn't much to report but here goes:
1. Plant something- No
2. Harvest something- picked some catnip to dry for the kitties.
3. Preserve something- No
4. Waste not- reused concrete blocks from the deck foundation for raised beds. Nothing else of much interest.
5. Want not- got a few chemical glow sticks at an after Halloween sale. Yeah, they're plastic and chemicals- but at 37 cents each they provide a measure of safety for the vehicles and they make great nightlights should we lose power. Stocked up on the store brand of frozen cheese tortellini. I've been trying to get away from prepared foods but these are so good and everyone likes them (they're fabulous with pesto!) and they only take a few minutes to cook. That makes them a great meal for busy nights around here. Since they were on sale this week I picked up a few packages for the freezer.
6. Community food systems- not much here.
7. Eat the food- we've been really bad this week. I was so busy last weekend that I didn't do my normal meal planning so V and I were having to discuss meals in the car while I was waiting for the bus. We were also discussing finances (not pretty at the moment!) and trying to cut even more from the grocery bill than we have been. I need to get more organized and try to plan all our meals based on what we have in stock and try to avoid going to the store except for milk and eggs.
sigh- why can't it ever be easy....

But on a brighter note- V has a job interview on Friday!!! Cross your fingers for him on Friday the 13th!!! And I've decided to throw my hat into the ring for the clinical supervisor position. They started accepting applications for it this week (through the 20th) and hope to have the positions filled and ready to go by the first of the year. If I get it we could definitely use the extra $$. So think positive thoughts for us both on the job front.


  1. Your daughter is just Beautiful in her concert outfit and the red sash. Such a pretty daughter! You must be proud of her being so accomplished!! Good Luck to V at his job interview, and good luck to you for getting your supervisor position...You want me to write a letter and tell them you can multi-task better than any other woman on earth? and that you are organized and a wonderful person. Heck, they better pick you if they want the place to keep running with efficiency!!...debbie

  2. Busy busy! I don't know how you keep up with your days! Good luck to you both on your job interviews. After having read about your doings for this long, I too can vouch for what a whiz bang job you do at multi-tasking.
    Your daughter looks amazing and seems to be following in your footsteps-a success! Congrats to you on such a fine family!

  3. Congrats on your decision to pursue the supervisor position, wish you luck! And J15 looks lovely, I can see why she wanted to play with them, you can't deny the red sash looks awesome!!

  4. Your daughter is gorgeous..Are you taking the violin lessons with her? My eldest Son took violin lessons with his grandma the Suzuki method...They enjoyed it so much.As my son's teacher told him by playing a violin most kids can sit and play most instruments after that, and he can...I had 3 in some type of music program at College Community Schools...one was band and 2 in choir and all the concerts this time of year is a busy one....I do miss them..If your school offers to make CD's for the concerts I would say purchase them...I listen to the Christmas or should I say Holiday concerts all the time still...knowing my kids are playing in the band or choir is awesome to listen to..especially as they are all away from home...I didn't buy them all and wish I had....Lisa

  5. P.S!!! Congrats in wanting to accept the position...I will be praying for you...Lisa

  6. mom: it'll be 10 years tomorrow i beleive!! WOW. now that's something to be proud of.

  7. Yes, I agree with the others: she's gorgeous! I have so fallen off my violin lessons. I met another newbie in LA and she and I have plans to meet back on Catalina Island when we can play "Ghost Riders".

    Yes, the finances...not a happy topic.

    Good luck to you both!


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