Monday, November 23, 2009

A Thankful IDC

Turkey Day is almost upon us. I don't have to cook much this year. We'll be feasting at my brother's house this year- about a 10 minute drive. Yay!!! I'm responsible for bringing the mashed potatoes and milk. Oh, I don't know if I can stand the strain!!!
It's been busy but since it is Monday, I'm going to do my usual Independence Day Challenge update- especially since I've got things to report.
1. Plant something- no. But I did get my first seed catalogues in the mail this week. Ooo... garden porn!
2. Harvest something- A jalapeno pepper from the indoor plant.
3. Preserve something- Made chutney from the pears that were going bad in the fridge. Yummy.
4. Waste not- Hmm, the usual here. I was really good at using cloth bags when shopping.
5. Want not- Continued work on organizing my pantry and cabinets. Stocked up on some spices that were on sale at the food co-op when I was there picking up spices for chutney. Got an extra bag of cranberries for the freezer. Oh, and local honey.
6. Community food systems- Made a largish donation of food to the local food bank. The high school youth at church were doing a special food drive. I donated a few of those excess cans of tuna, some canned veggies that I picked up a couple of weeks ago specifically for the food pantry (They were on a really good sale but we don't eat commercially canned veggies), canned beans, some rice and peanut butter.
7. Eat the food- I've been a busy little bee in the kitchen lately. The pear and gorgonzola tart was good this evening. It was tasty but it was more work than it was worth. I was pretty sure that the boys wouldn't like it so I also made a quiche for dinner. Everyone was satisfied.

I've got my resume and cover letter ready to turn in tomorrow for the Clinical Supervisor position. V is still waiting to hear anything after his interview. We'll see. He isn't feeling well. He's got a terrible cold and has been hacking and coughing... including most of the night last night so I've essentially been up since about 2:30 this morning- so I'm TIRED! At least it is a short week this week. The children's last day of school for the week is tomorrow but I have to work Wednesday as well. I'm SO ready for a long weekend.
I hope you are all getting your Thanksgiving preparations done.


  1. Bravo to you for not eating any store bought canned veggies! Last year I managed to can all of our fruit and I wanted to add all of our veggies this year. I did can some green beans and corn but finished off the pantry when there was a good sale on green beans and peas. I'm only have to keep enough for me since DH doesn't eat many veggies. I can't imagine canning enough for a whole family! :)

  2. I am still anxiously awaiting my first 'garden porn' catalogs to come in the life is sooo exciting!
    I added you to my blog list :).

  3. You did really well!! My garden porn came in the mail yesterday...

  4. My seed catalogs haven't made it to me yes, but I can't wait! Hope V feels better soon. How is the pepper plant doing inside? Do you think it produces longer/better/worse than out?

  5. i think 'community food systems' also includes you picking up food for your neighbor friend without a vehicle. it's important that we feel connected enough to ask for or offer support to our neighbors. so nice goin!


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