Tuesday, November 24, 2009

She's obsessed!!

Our kitten that is. She is obsessed with plastic. Not playing with it- eating it! I'm really glad we use cloth bags for groceries and try to not buy things with too much packaging because every time we have anything plastic in the house, she is trying to eat it- ASAP. I caught her trying to chew on the pack of toilet paper that hadn't yet been put away last week, and last night she opened the kitchen cabinet doors to go in and chew on the plastic bags that some of my bulk stuff is still in (she was after the quinoa last night-note to self- I need to put it in a jar before I go to bed). I'm really glad I don't generally store things in plastic but transfer them to other containers. She isn't interested in the food that's inside- she just wants the plastic. Store bought bread- yup, leaves the bread but eats the bag. I had saved a couple of mini ziploc bags from getting bulk spices over the weekend and had put them on top of the microwave until I had time to wash them- you guessed it, she got hold of them last night and chewed the corners right off.
Anyone else ever have experience with this? I've had cats before with weird behaviors but this is WAAAY beyond any other I've ever had. This is more than just curious cat- she is truly obsessed! V asked our vet when he had them in for boosters but all he said was "Hmmm".
Any suggestions are appreciated. Right now, all we can do is keep everything made of flexible plastic out of her reach.


  1. Boy, wouldn't THAT be a pain in the neck. We have a lot of plastic around here. Maybe she is missing a Gene...the cat food eating gene and so she eats plastic. Plastic Fantastic is her motto!! lol silly cat...debbie

  2. Is she getting new teeth? Try putting something nasty tasting on a bag and see if that doesn't stop her.
    I had a cat who would chew electrical cords. We used to have to make sure they were well hidden from him. He was lucky not to have electrocuted himself with all the cords I had to replace.

  3. Oh, I laughed so hard at your post. I have been writing for years about the penchant my Ms Graysea has for plastic. She is almost 9 and has not let up. She seems to be able to sniff out plastic from anywhere in the house. She will work all day to tear a plastic label off a container, and she really loves duct tape. She will open drawers to get the roll of Scotch tape or packing tape.
    We keep as much undercover as possible. Those stiff plastic seals around jars of things like mayonaise are real faves and she will play with them for hours and drag them around like prey. She eats part of it, too. We think she is quite crazy and needs "plastic eaters anonymous! On the serious side, it could be dangerous, so we try to keep these items from her reach. Grocery bags are dangerous and we have stopped using them, too, in favor of cloth and baskets. Good luck! You are in for a challenge, but it can be very funny, too.

  4. I'm not a vet but I certainly agree with his diagnosis. Hmmmmm.

    I think you have a mutant cat.

    I agree with an earlier commenter. Try putting something that they don't like and try breaking the habit. Perhaps cayenne pepper?

  5. Judy -i don't have anything else to add-the hot pepper idea may work-fill up a little baggie with something nasty (vinegar?) and leave it in the tub or sink-when she punctures it-ick! My Mom's cat loved to lick the emulsion off photos-weird stuff

  6. Yep our cats do that too.. And then they eat the cloth bags too. Frustrating to say the least!

  7. Can't help you there, our cats (toms) pee on any plastic they find. After wearing too much tomcat scent after moving a piece of plastic or a feedbag in the barn, I wish they would eat it instead!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  8. Yes we still have that problem with Isis she does all those things including dragging the cheese wrappers out of the trash and she is 5 now

  9. Get her a teething ring ;) lol

    my cat used to play with plastic bags all the time until one day she found a miniscule hole in one and somehow managed to get it stuck around her middle. She went tearing around the house with it rattleing and swishing. She hasn't touched one since. lol


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