Thursday, July 1, 2010

Goth Garden- KinderGarden Update

I think I'm in love! With a pepper. The Black Pearl Pepper, to be precise. It has the most beautiful foliage. Behold:
Black Pearl
It has the most stunning fluorescent purple flowers. I'd take a close up of the flowers but my camera is being bad- every time I try to zoom the lens, it shuts itself off. Grrr.
But back to J16's Goth Garden... We are discovering that this is definitely a LONG term project. Some things are thriving, others, not so much. And many of the perennial flowers we started from seed won't bloom this year. But here are a few photos.
Little fruit setting on the Litchi Tomato. Prickly!
The seedling Magpie Columbine and the Sweet William are doing well.
The Checkers Poppy- not so much.
And the poor little hollyhocks. They are barely surviving. I hope they grow enough this summer to survive the winter. We had such poor germination that I hope they make it. Some things we will plant again, others Nope.
But now on to the main garden- not KinderGarden stuff.
They look riper than they really are.
But tomorrow! The first tomatoes!!!!!
Yellow Cherry
And yes, those are weeds you see....
Tonight's haul for dinner.
The first pepper of the year:
Volcano- hot hungarian wax.
First cabbage- Red Acre
The carrots are small but tasty. Oh, and I also picked a few fresh herbs for our salads. And...the very last of the broccoli. I'll pull it and the peas this weekend since I have a long holiday weekend.


  1. I finally discovered that my camera would act like that as well when the batteries were low. Try it, it saves frustration!!

    Love the black pearl!
    Dinner looks great, we love sauteed red cabbage!

  2. Do the Black Perlit also yield the dark purple/blackish peppers? I remember one of the local farm markets here had small-ish peppers that were sweet, and nearly black - they were a fun spark in salads etc. and very tasty.
    Enjoy the long weekend :-)

  3. Looks great! That pepper plant is very striking with the color, sorry about those hollyhocks, I know you were looking forward to those black flowers! My kinderGarden stuff isn't looking too hot, will have to get that posted later today - first, it's off to Loch's first violin lesson...gotta find those earplugs!

  4. The Goth Garden might have had too much rain?? I know Hollihocks here don't require a lot of water. I do like the purple plant. It's real pretty! I agree with Cathryn, when the batteries are low on my camera, it won't flash or download. Yeah, the dinner does look great! yum! ...debbie

  5. Cathryn and Debbie- I already tried the battery trick. Even fully charged it still shuts down. I've discovered that I can zoom a little bit but if I go too far- it shuts down. I think it has more to do with the fact that I was carrying it around outside taking pictures in a thunderstorm than the batteries. OOPS.
    Localzone- It supposedly will have tiny peppers that are purple/black initially but then turn bright red when ripe and they're supposed to be really hot- on order with a habanero. WOOT.
    Erin- don't worry about the violin- they get better quickly. My daughter has been playing since she was about 5 and I somehow survived!

  6. What a stunning pepper plant...I have never seen one like it before!

    Your harvest looks delicious...and your weeds look all to familiar! Kim


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