Sunday, September 18, 2011

A drizzly Sunday

It was kind of a slow day here.  I'm feeling much better, as is I14, who also got it.  V, however, is still struggling with this respiratory malady, I think because he had to fly ill last weekend.
It was cool and drizzly here today.  Low to mid 60's and drippy.  Not an actual rain, just misty.  V and the boys worked a bit on moving shrubs outside the back door in preparation for the deck extension that we hope to put on at some point.
J17 and I did some shopping this afternoon.  I was fortunate enough to get a 30% discount coupon at a local store (Kohl's) and they generally have a great selection on their clearance racks. So, we shopped.  I needed a few things for work (new pants and a couple of fall/winter shirts), the boys needed new jackets and J17 and I found a few deals on the discount racks.  With sales, clearance and discounts, we got $500 of merchandise for $180 (tax included).  Not too shabby of shoppers. For example- we got I14 a jacket that was priced at $100.  Since it was 'end of the season' for fall jackets it was on sale at 50% off and on top of that we had the extra 30% off. I'm so glad that J17 has picked up the bargain shopping gene.  She even got a great deal on a dress for homecoming. We then hit the grocery store- the daily deal was 10 lbs of midwest grown potatoes for $1.99!
Magnus was a bit more his usual self today.  I was able to go in to feed and water them and collect eggs with no problems.  I even raked up the bedding under the roost without him going nuts.  Of course, he went after V but V slapped him around a bit with his gloves and he backed down.  We'll see what happens.  I got 4 eggs today, three brown and another blue one.  And yesterday, I gave away the first half dozen eggs- well, bartered more accurately.  In exchange, I got some lovely poblano peppers and some french sorrel.
Tomorrow it's back to work and school.  Only 4 days of work and then I've got a 3 day weekend.  My plan is to work on the permanent run for the chickens this weekend.  I would really, really like to go the beekeeping class offered by Zan Asha on Saturday but it would be a several hour drive and I'm not sure I can justify that.  I don't know...

I'm starting to get some ideas for my days off this winter.  I'm really hoping that since the house is more put together, I can spend some time sewing and/or quilting. It seems like forever since I've had time for either and I can't wait.  Now to get the garden put to bed for the winter, get the chicken run finished and a few more inside projects done so I'll have time.


  1. I'm yearning for the slower winter days too...and always have great plans for all the projects I will get done and new things I want to try...and suddenly it's spring!-and I didn't do half of what I'd hoped to. lol

  2. I'm not sure that a beekeeping class is worth it. It might be. We went to one that didn't really help us too much. Others have been to other classes that were great. I think a series of classes is best. Even better is to find a mentor if you can. That and a bee club is how we are learning.
    It actually rained all day yesterday up here. The fall garden needed it but its nice to see the sun shining today.

  3. Good thing you were feeling better, hate to miss out on those deals!

  4. Still catching up from vacation, and am sorry to read you were sick. Hope your better and back to normal real quick! After such a hot summer, I will have to admit I am looking forward to the cooler days and pretty fall colors. My plans are to finish my quilt and start sewing for the girls. I am excited about that. Sounds like you've got some thrifty shoppers in yout house!! Good Deal!! ...debbie

  5. Great deals during your shopping excusion! It's terrific that you are passing on the frugal gene to your daughter. I look forward to winter too, for all the handwork I have been dreaming about. If I could only get winter without the blizzards and waist deep snow!

  6. I'm not a shopper by nature, but I sure do love it when I need something and don't have to pay full price for it.

    You've reminded me that with thoughts of winter coming, I still have lots of clean-up outside that needs to be done. I know snow covers up everything for the winter, but then I always feel so far behind when spring comes and I didn't do a good job of fall clean-up. Never a lack of things to do!

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