Sunday, September 25, 2011

Swept away?

V is still not feeling terribly well and is only able to work in short bursts.  We did get the final posts planted for the chicken run and V cut the old spikes off the old fence posts we used for posts.
J17 helped me clear out part of the garden.  She needs some cash for homecoming week and was willing to work for it.  So we got quite a bit done.
Among other things, I harvested the broom corn today.  A whole wagon load:
 It was sorted and tied into bundles:
and hung in the basement.
I know that for 'commercial'  broom making you're not actually supposed to let the seed set or ripen as the bristles get more brittle.  But, we will pull off the seeds for scratch grains for the chickens and I still want to try to make a broom.  I just love broom corn.  This is a multicolored variety- i think from Seed Savers Exchange but I'm not sure- I'd have to check the package.
Now, it's movie night- we're watching old movies.  the new TV is able to scan movies and re-render them.  Tonight it's Captain Blood.  Ooooo......


  1. LOL Captain Blood!! Now there's an old movie and a pretty good one. Hope V is feeling better today. Our daughter is sick too. Same ole crap that is going around. The chicken run is coming along I see! Won't be long! ...debbie

  2. The broom corn is very pretty- i saw it and thought about craft projects...but feeding to the chickens is more practical :)

  3. That broom corn photo is very seasonal, so pretty in the fall!

  4. So did you ever check on the package for the name of the broom corn?

  5. Debbie- we LOVE our old movies. The first time we showed the children Captain Blood, they were saying "ew, a black and white movie" then they were hooked!
    Kris- it grew really, really well for us this year- in spite of the hot, dry summer.
    Erin- I thought of making some sort of fall arrangement but then thought of cats playing with it and, um, no.
    Michelle- looking at the package would mean that I have to pull out the seed boxes from their storage spot. I'll try to remember but won't promise much.


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