Saturday, September 3, 2011

A rainy Saturday

We needed rain and boy, oh, boy have we gotten it!  It has been raining most of the day.  Sometimes hard, sometimes not.
 The last time I checked we had .4 inch and that was a while ago.  And the sky has opened several times since in huge downpours.  But, even with the rain we had last week and the .4 this morning the creeks are still dry.  NOT a good sign.
We had planned to go to Mt Pleasant to the Old Threshers reunion today but because the weather is so dicey we'll go tomorrow when it should be beautiful. So, today became an inside jobs day.
Of course, we started off the day with eggs all around.  It's so EGGCITING and they taste SO good.
We got to the point this week where the 18 count egg carton I saved from work was almost full!  Eddie has been laying this week and she has been producing HUGE eggs for a pullet.  So far all that we have used have had double yolks.  And we have a new layer. At least, yesterday there was a little almost pink egg on the floor.  All the regular layers have been using the nest boxes so I'm thinking it's someone new. But I'm not sure who....  hmm, an investigation is due.
But, other tasks called today.  Laundry- of course I can't hang things out so maybe I'll wash sheets early tomorrow and hang them out before we leave... And the never ending task of dishes.  But my biggest accomplishment so far today has been organizing the pantry.
All the empty jars have been stored downstairs. The few remaining jars of tomato sauce from last year have been brought up and the new ones from this summer have been moved onto the shelves downstairs.  This also gave me the chance to check my bean inventory before soup season starts.
I hope you are all having a productive holiday weekend.  Remember to honor the workers in your life and take some time from your own labors to enjoy the time.


  1. Very nice eggs - how exciting for you! And rain - wow, we could use some of that to put out the fires here. Good idea about checking the bean supply - thanks for making me think about it.

  2. I wish we could send some rain your way to help with the fires. We've had nearly 1.4 inches! We definitely needed it but I could have been persuaded to share.

  3. Quite the rainstorm today~! Rain gauge says 1 1/2 inch.. The lightening made the Iowa game delay for an hour. Never ever have I seen that happen. The TV camera showed water rushing down the stadium stairs. We love to go to the Old Threshers Reunion but won't be able to go this year. Husband hurt his back. Taking life easy here..
    I loved the picture of the eggs..that is cool.~! I love fresh farm eggs.
    Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Springville,Iowa:)

  4. I like your new look!
    We drove all the way to Central Wisconsin from the Southwest in rain. Then we drove all the way back in rain again. It was frightening to see how many trees were down from the big storm that came through here on Friday! The worst of it didn't hit us.

    I'm happy for you re-the eggs!

  5. Double-yolked eggs - how lovely!
    Your pantry makes me ashamed - I really should reorganise my cupboards.
    It's raining here, too . . . again!

  6. WOW!! Look at all those beautiful brown eggs!! and double yolkers too!! You are in Fat City now!! Better come up with some good recipes for eggs! lots of breads, brownies, fried, scrambled, poached!! We had a little rain last night, which was much needed but unfortunately didn't last near long enough. Thanks for the Holiday wishes. We're just taking it easy - will grill tonight and have the kids over. Just been working on my quilt...ripping out seams and having fun...debbie

  7. Love the new header photo, congrats on those eggs being so nice already!


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