Saturday, September 24, 2011

It was strategy!

Yeah, It was...
I'm just going to keep telling myself that.
I was out in the garden this afternoon pulling weeds.  Of course, I didn't set out initially to pull weeds but I gave a tug on a huge lambsquarter plant and, low and behold, it came right up.  So I pulled some more.  There was a section of the garden where the weeds had taken over (where all my vining crops had failed and died) and gotten huge.  But, I discovered that the huge weeds, that are now blooming but have yet to go to seed, have crowded out all the other weeds.  I'm hoping that by pulling them now, before they seed, I will not only reduce the seed load for next spring but I'm hoping that maybe some of the newly exposed seeds will sprout and will then freeze in a few weeks.  Hmmm, maybe I'll even run the tiller over the section where everything is finished to encourage the weeds to sprout...  So, it was a strategy all along!  Yeah, right....
V is still not feeling well- he is having a terrible time kicking this respiratory crud- he ended up taking a several hour nap this afternoon so we didn't get too much done on the chicken run.  I wasn't feeling up to running the post hole digger by myself.  We did get the posts set- except for one that will need to be set in concrete because it is the gate post.  Hopefully tomorrow afternoon we can set that post and get started on the rest of fencing.  Of course, we don't have the roof panels yet- we're thinking about putting a roof over part of the run to provide some shade and protection from the elements.  But, who knows, maybe I'll change my mind.  The chickens haven't seemed to mind not having a roofed run this summer.


  1. I hope V feels better, I just hate being down and out during fall, my favorite "get stuff done" time of year! Hopefully, you will have many nice sunny and cool days to get the stuff done and not have to be out there sweating anymore. Here, we are on the 6th day of rain and it's so warm and muggy it's just gross, needless to say my garden looks terrible! :)

  2. I always struggle with the weed dilemma this time of pull or not to pull! I never know what to do! By the time I figure it out it is usually too late...this year I am taking the lazy route and letting the weeds grow until the frost. Let's see if I am kicking myself next Spring! Thanks for the input on my blog template!

  3. Sorry to hear V is feeling poorly.
    Seems like a lot of people around here have that respiratory thing. Madison had it Friday/Saturday and now Kelly has it. Hope they don't give it to one of us...debbie

  4. We ended up roofing our entire run as we had odor issues sometimes when it was very wet out. Of course, we're in town so are a little more worried about smells :)

    We also find it nice for winter, as our hens are "chicken" about going out in snow.


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