Sunday, September 11, 2011

What a great day

Nothing to take away from the history of the day and the sadness we all feel...
But we had a great day!
First this morning:  Brunch at V's friend's home.  I got to have a total local/sustainable foods geek moment!  It seems that his friend is also a local/sustainable food fan and, living close enough to DC, she has made the connection with Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms and meets him at his every 6 week drop off in the DC area.  So this morning, I got to have eggs and sausage from Polyface farms.  Of course, I was one of two guests present who actually knew the significance of that.  It was, for me, a true local foods nirvana moment!  The eggs were tasty and the sausage was fabulous!  It has been fun this weekend to be able to talk with others who 'get it'.
Then at 1, we met my sister and her husband in Annapolis.
Here we are:
We took a ride on a water taxi from the city harbor to the maritime museum.  We went way out into the bay so it was fun!
It was especially fun because there was another couple on board with small children.  It was so great to see the little boy's face (he was probably 3 or 4) when we passed a sailboat flying a pirate flag.  It was priceless.
There is evidence around of the hurricane and recent flooding.  Look below at all the flotsam in the water.
 There were lots of logs and branches floating all over, most likely washed into the bay with all the rain.
After lunch at the Chart House restaurant (mmmm... crabcakes!) we wandered around on Main Street.
Here is my BIL with his service dog Bryce.
Poor puppy was not expecting to have to get on a boat today and was a bit freaked out.  But, all in all, he did pretty well.  At the end of the afternoon, we were all tired puppies.
It was so great to see my sister and BIL, even if only for an afternoon.  Maybe we'll have to do this again sometime.


  1. What a great experience for you to have eaten Polyface Farm produce! I understand what you mean about talking to people who "get it". I enjoy those conversations in real life.

  2. What an awesdome adventure you are having!! I'm green with envy--POLYFACE FARMS food!!!

  3. No doubt you are sisters! That is such a treat - Polyface food! I bet that poor pup was thrown for a loop by a boat outing. That's not something taught at service dog school, I bet! Sounds like a wonderful trip.


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