Thursday, October 20, 2011

If it's not one thing...'s another!  This week just keeps going!!
There were several things I forgot to include in the report of our week's plans.  On Tuesday both J17 and I had doctors appointments for check ups.  She didn't have school on either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday because, as a senior, she doesn't have to take the standardized tests that everyone else does.  So, she had an appointment on Tuesday with the doctor and an eye appointment on Wednesday morning. She managed to break her glasses a bit ago and was due for a new prescription anyway.  Fortunately I was able to get her in quickly when she didn't have to miss school.  So this afternoon, she picked me up from work and we went to order her new glasses.  Whew!  I'm glad this is an expense that doesn't happen every year!!  And she didn't even pick out expensive frames! Yowza!!  A bit of sticker shock!!!  But, she needs them.  She is OK to drive without her glasses- barely- but she really needs to be able to read the road signs.
So,  a few extra things on the to do list for the week.
It felt like we were pulling teeth tonight to get I14 to pick a costume idea for tomorrow.  Since it is the last home football game, the band has a bit of fun.  Instead of their uniforms, they march in costume for half time.  Of course, it's going to be COLD!  I do think he's finally decided on a doctor costume- I've got a lab coat that barely fits him but we've also got a surgical scrub gown that is large enough that he can wear a sweatshirt under so I think he's going to wear that. Add a stethoscope and he's all set... and we've got a couple of those as well.  The funny thing is that, except for the lab coat that I needed for school long ago, all of those things have been scavenged from dumpsters.  So it's a cheap costume.  I like that.
Other than world events, there hasn't been much going on here.  I'll confess, J17 and I did stop at the new Shoe Carnival store after we ordered her glasses and I got some new shoes.  I desperately needed some new sneakers since my 'good' ones have holes in them and paint splotches from when I was painting the garage at our old house.  Time for some new ones- especially since I am going to really try to find some time to do some 'real' exercise to try to drop some weight (doctor's orders!)

This morning while V was taking me to the bus stop we saw a shooting star.  It turns out that it was more likely a part of a satellite that broke up but it was still pretty cool!!  For some reason, it made me hopeful for the day.

Like I said, not much going on.  Today was our open day- so J17 and I filled it.  I think tomorrow evening I'm going to have to make some tomato sauce since all those tomatoes are ripening. And then I work on Saturday...

Oh, and another thing (I just keep going, don't I!!) V was interviewed last week by the local paper (Press Citizen) and that should appear on Saturday.  He will have his book signing at B & N on Saturday afternoon.  And today he got two calls- one from the other local paper (The Gazette)  for an interview... and the one he was most excited about... he's going to be interviewed on Iowa Public Radio!!  I can't remember right now when that is scheduled but it's pretty cool!!  He also has another reading/book signing at City High.  J17 and the teacher in charge of the book club arranged for him to come in on Halloween afternoon to the school for a special event.  Now he just needs to think of a few witty things to write in people's books!!!

The only other noteworthy thing I can think of is that we have a FREEZE warning tonight.  It's supposed to get down into the 20's!!  But, we're ready.  I've got my tomatoes ripening on the counter, the peppers are picked and V installed a new programmable thermostat for the furnace.  Bring it on!!


  1. I really hate it when I say "shooting star," and some smarty pants tries to destroy the magic by saying, "No, there is not such thing as a shooting star.It's a meteor."

    Who cares what it was that makes the magical, lovely streak? Technically, we are seeing the path a meteoroid makes as it enters the atmosphere to be a meteor.

    They are fun to see. And, you do stay busy!

  2. My son and I both had to get new glasses this year. After that expensive outgo I looked for alternatives and tried zenni optical (online) for a backup pair. Not very stylish, but they got my progressive bifocal prescription right so I can recommend them.


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