Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just in time for Halloween

V's book!!

Ok, it was released in September, but this is the busy time for promoting it.
He's got an interview on Tuesday afternoon with another newspaper,  a radio interview on Iowa Public Radio on the 31st and will also be doing a reading/signing for the Iowa City High book club after school on Halloween.
It is more history than ghost stories- of course, the publisher is History Press.  He has taken some of the local stories and legends and looks at how history and story intertwine.
And I do believe that photo of the black angel on the cover is one of mine.
And, the author at his book signing last night:


  1. Thanks for the info on your hubby's book. Gotta say that looks really interesting! Perfect time of year to be promoting it. Best of luck to the author!

  2. Thanks for posting the info on hubby's book! I wonder if they will have it on my e-reader!! Will have to look and see! How exciting to have published a book! Congratulations V!!! ...debbie


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