Saturday, October 8, 2011

Like Summer in Fall

It was HOT today!  At least hot for October.  It hit the mid 80's here today.  A bit too windy for working up on ladders hanging gutters so other things took precedence.  But we weren't all work and no play!
With the new x-box, we have new capabilities.  Networking!
K11 was upstairs
playing head to head games with I14 who was downstairs.
The headsets allow them to talk to each other.  Too much fun!
Mostly, I worked on household maintenance stuff- laundry, dishes, etc.  Let me tell you, with the warm, dry wind today, things dried quickly on the line.  Mmmm... line dried sheets!  But J17 and I did have a little fun!  I had some errands to run so she came along.  We stopped back at the fabric shop and she turned in her application.  Hopefully they will call her.  And while we were there- of course we looked around since it was the Columbus Day sale event.  They had Simplicity patterns on sale for  99 cents each! What a deal since they are often $12-15.  So at that price we had to pick some up.  I got 4 patterns for myself and J17 picked out a few as well.  The fun thing is that with the multi-sized patterns we can each use each others if we choose.  I haven't purchased new clothing patterns for myself for years so I'm excited about this!  I also picked out some lovely dark olive green linen for a pair of dress pants (fortunately we had a 50% off coupon since it wasn't on sale- man, fabric can be expensive!!).  J17 got some soft, pale blue fabric for a nightgown that she wants to make.
Now I'm really excited to get sewing.  I picked out a lovely skirt pattern that I want to use with some fabric I got last weekend. Yes, I bought fabric without having a pattern in mind- so what- I really liked it! Tell me you've never done the same thing!!
Since I got lots of the maintenance things done today, I hope to do more 'fun' productive things in the next two days.  The weather is supposed to be continuing hot and clear and we've already warned the boys that tomorrow is a technology free day (no computers or x-box) since they need to get outside and enjoy the weather while it lasts.
More tomorrow....


  1. We've had the same too hot for October weather up here, too. Kinda creepy if you ask me to be working outside in a t-shirt and sweating with the leaves coming down in cascades. But, you're right, we all need to get out there and take advantage of the warm weather. It'll be snowing, blowing and hovering around zero before we know it!

  2. Oh I am enjoying the weather and fresh's going to end and before long we will be going stir crazy being indoors..

    I need to get to the fabric store...I have had the urge to sew clothes for myself.. I was pricing patterns on line the other day and about died with the prices...OUCH...

    Enjoy the weather before long it is going to be cold again..

  3. oh I would NEVER buy fabric without a plan in mind.... hahahahaha! Glad you and your daughter had some fun fabric store shopping!


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