Sunday, October 30, 2011

My middle child

Is growing up!  I14 was confirmed today at church.  He is now considered a full-fledged adult member.  He had a small class:
Only three of them.  My parents came up for the day and my brother and SIL also joined us for the occasion.
After church, we all headed to our house, joined by CR, I14's mentor, for lunch.  I kept it pretty simple, pasta with a choice of two sauces, fresh bread and tossed salad.  For dessert, pumpkin pudding and ice cream.  It turns out that my brother and CR know each other from having worked together on occasion (CR works on the planes that my brother uses to test fly equipment.) so there was lively conversation for much of the afternoon.
We still need to carve our pumpkins for Halloween and finalize costumes.  K11 will be trick-or-treating with friends and I14 and J17 will go out briefly to the neighbors when she gets home from orchestra.  Looks like tomorrow will be a fend for yourself night for food.  That's OK, we've got lots of left over pasta and quiche in the fridge.
My parents brought us some corn for the chickens, gleaned from the fields.  We traded them for some eggs.  Mom also brought some oatmeal for the chickens.  They had it in storage and moths got into it and it was quite wormy (That's why I store my extra in the freezer!).  I sealed it in old coffee cans and took it directly to the coop to ration out. There was NO WAY I was bringing that buggy stuff into the house!!  But I'm sure the chickens won't mind the extra protein...


  1. You must be very proud of your 14 year old.

    That's what I love about having chickens. There are very few things that need to go in the compost . . . the chickens are happy to get most any leftovers that have lived longer than they should have!

  2. Congrats to your son on his confirmation! ....and I'm sure the chickens LOVED the
    oatmeal :-)

  3. Mama Pea- yes, he cleans up pretty good. Of course- he was irked that I made him wear a dress shirt. sigh... teenage boys! And the chickens are going to be quite spoiled- now they've got pumpkin guts for tomorrow.
    We figure we'll ration the jack-o'lanterns over the next week or so. It should be cold enough out to keep them fresh-ish.
    dr momi- the chickens were ALL OVER that oatmeal. Mmm, little meal worms...

  4. Congrats! That picture made me giggle, my confirmation class in my little farm church was exactly 3 of us also, the photo looks just like mine only mine had big 1984 hair LOL! And of course I was confirmed as a standard Midwest Lutheran as well! When I was young I though everyone was Lutheran, now that I'm down here in the Bible Belt I can't find any LOL!


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