Sunday, February 5, 2012

Family Sunday

We had a great, but not typical day.  This morning, we got up early-ish and headed South.  We attended church with my parents and then headed to the farm to celebrate Dad's birthday.  Okay, his birthday isn't actually until Tuesday but we can't really make the drive then.  Surprisingly, we were also joined by my brother who stopped in for lunch and stayed an hour or two after.
While we were there, Dad had a task for the boys:
 Hauling a few buckets of corn out of the almost empty grain bin.
Dad is having trouble climbing in and out of the bin these days but wanted some more corn to crack for the birds before their tenant finishes cleaning out the bin. He stood there and chuckled as he watched them climb in and out, shaking his head and saying "oh, to have knees that work like that again".  He was glad for the help and the boys were surprised that the task didn't involve that much.  I guess we've got them trained that when we've got a job for them to do, it involves WORK.
Other than visiting and driving, we didn't do anything today.  So... it has been a relaxing but not at all productive weekend.  However, tomorrow is my day off so, of course, I've got it jam-packed with plans.  But I'll let you know about those some other time.


  1. Days like this are important. You can kind of unwind during them while still getting to visit with relatives. Not many demands put on anyone. Just a good day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. oooh I was scared to go in there when I was a kid, scared a rat bigger than me would get me!! Now of course I think my parents were just trying to keep me safe while I was out playing around the farm LOL....

  3. Sounds like a fun day for everyone and your dad got the help he needed. Nice of the kids to help out. I think spending time with Grandparents are soooo important. I know I don't want my grandkids to forget my mom, their great gramma. Each time they spend with her I think of as a gift as she is 87 and who knows how much time they will have to visit her. Glad you had a great day!! ...debbie


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