Thursday, February 2, 2012

Independence Days is back!!

I was so thrilled to hear that Sharon Astyk is bringing back the Independence Days Challenge.  I guess it's not your typical challenge.  It's a way of looking at the things you do to see if you are ready.  "Ready?" you may ask, "Ready for what?"  I think it means ready for anything.   It's really pretty simple, and kind of like my 12 for 12 challenge, except with more specific categories for 'prepping'.
Now don't get me wrong.  I don't think that there will be a zombie apocalypse, or that the world will end in December.  But, I do have a sneaking suspicion that things are going to get worse before they get better:  the economy, the jobs situation, food prices, big business (and agribusiness!!) running the show, climate change and energy (peak oil if you wish) are some of my big worries.  But the IDC can help us sort out how we can better be prepared to handle the roller coaster ride we're facing in the future.
Sharon has identified several categories.  The idea is to track your accomplishments in each on a regular basis.  Here they go:
Plant something: The key here is to try to keep on top of crop rotation and tending the garden.  From February to September to try to plant something.
Harvest something:  This goes along with Plant Something. But it can also include things like eggs, honey, milk.
Preserve something:  This goes along with the ones above.  To preserve the harvest and store for the future.
Waste not: Reducing food waste and also the production of garbage.  This can include recycling, composting or feeding things to animals.  This can also include rotating your food stocks to keep things fresh.
Want not:  Adding to your stash of food or goods to prepare for emergencies.  Building up resources.
Eat the food:  Just what it sounds like.  It does no good to have a freezer full of food if you don't eat it.  This is also getting the most of your food , trying new recipes, being creative and using what you have. I think this also includes being frugal.
Build community food systems:  Just because you're prepared, doesn't mean you have to do it alone.  This category looks at what have you done to help build a more resilient local food system or helping others to have access to better food.
Skill up:   This is a new category from the last time the IDC was going.  This is about learning.  What did you learn that will help you in the future.  This could be anything from repairing a screen or faucet to construction to learning a new craft or gardening skill.
See, it's all good.

The plan is to post every Friday to report progress.  Now that will keep me hopping!!  Trying to do something every week in every category keeps you focused.  But, when I participated before (2009 and 2010) I found that much of what I did on a regular basis fit easily into the categories without much extra work. But it definitely helps keep you on track with independence- or self sufficiency- whatever you want to call it.
It's worth a try.


  1. I remember your last one and enjoyed reading all you accomplished!! ...debbie

  2. Looking forward to reading your updates!

  3. I'm glad she is doing this again! Lots of newer preppers missed the first challenges so they now get the chance to join in again. I'll probably jump in at a later point myself.

  4. Debbie- Glad you enjoyed it. You never know what to expect around here.
    Gina-- Looking forward to yours as well!
    Linda- I do hope you join in. Of course- it's not as if you have anything else on your plate at the moment to keep your mind off prepping. But then, maybe something like this is what you've been prepping for!


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