Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An interesting time ahead

This will be an interesting week.  On Thursday V( at age 50) will finally have his wisdom teeth out. I guess he's wise enough.   The oral surgeon had a cancellation and could get him in earlier than in March when he was scheduled.  Good thing because he has been in a world of hurt.  He has struggled with Trigeminal Neuralgia for a couple of years and one of those bad boy teeth has been really causing it to act up a lot recently, sending shooting pain through the left side of his face/head, rendering him basically non-functional for a while until it passes.
So...  I get to take Thursday off to be a 'responsible adult' to wait in the waiting room. transport him back home after sedation and tend to him.  I think I'm going to be baking some sourdough bread in the afternoon while he sleeps it off since my starter looks and smells wonderful.  I'd better pick out a recipe and figure out what I'm doing.
I've been playing around with my new camera.  I still haven't figured out all the settings yet but it takes awesome photos.  Of course, there isn't much exciting to photograph... figures.  Maybe some bread photos will be in the works.


  1. Wow! I am sorry that he is in such pain. That is great that he can get in this week to take care of it.

    My son was scary looking when he came out of his appt to get his removed. He had the gas. His body reacted by hiccuping the entire time he was under.

    When he was done he looked at me with a horrified look or a evil look or something. It was scary. He had never had so much expression on his face before. I don't know if I explained that very well. Maybe it was just because it was the first time being sedated and he felt weird or lost when he woke up.

    Anyway, I hope all goes well for V. And I will be drooling over any bread pics that you post. Just to let you know. :)

    Take care Janet W

  2. Oh I feel for your Husband..and you. My Husband had his problem wisdom teeth out in his late 40's and even the doctor said it is much worse as an adult. (dont tell your Husband). Even my Husband said out of all the injuries and surgeries he has had, it was the worst. Make yourself a little treat too, cause your going to need it when you get him home ;) Best wishes.

  3. Oh, those blasted wisdom (ha!) teeth! I had all four of mine out when I was 20 and can't say I suffered too much. I wasn't put under either. Afterwards was much easier than before when the whole back of my mouth was so swollen I couldn't get anything down except coca-cola. Can you imagine? I was away at school and had to wait three days before I could get home to have them taken out.

    Sounds as if your hubby will be better off after his are removed, too. Best wishes for a quick recovery to him.

  4. Hope everything goes well for V. I had all 4 of mine out at 26 and they even had to bust them up into pieces and I lived to tell about it LOL.. Just some novocaine and a lot of drool.... lots and lots of drool :) All I wanted was Wendy's Frosty's and WonTon Soup - I bet you'll come up with even better homemade stuff for him!

  5. I'm sorry to hear about the pain. He'll feel so much better afterwards though! Soup. They might tell him to stay off of food with sharp edges. Milkshakes and smoothes are good too. Good luck!


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