Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to the old ways

Our microwave had officially packed it in.  I was making granola bars this evening and put in my mix of honey and sorghum to warm a bit (it mixes in easier) and the microwave made a terribly loud buzzing sound and began to smell of hot electronics.  I quickly turned it off and called V who, after a bit of hemming and hawing, pronounced it DOA.  Oh well, it's back to the basics...not that we do a lot of cooking in the microwave anyway but V will have to use the tea kettle to heat water for his afternoon tea while he proofreads.  OH, THE HARDSHIP.  I don't think we'll be in a great hurry to replace it.
In house news, we're still waiting for a time to meet with the sellers.  I was really hoping for this evening but we haven't heard anything. We are requesting to meet at the property so we can do a walk through together to explain our concerns.  I hope it happens soon. I'd like to get this out of the way so I can focus again on other things and figure out which way to go next.  If we can come to an agreement we were hoping to be able to close by April 15th, assuming that we could get all the inspections done in time.  I'd really like to know where I'll be planting my garden this spring.  I know either way, I'll be planting my peas and other really early stuff at Roger's house.  He was so itching to get something in the ground yesterday but I urged caution.  It's still a little bit early here, I think.
I've gotta go.  We were awakened at 4 something am to fireworks being set off in the intersection near our house- Ahhh, spring break.  Just not for those of us who have to get up and work.


  1. I liked the DOA statement. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I was talking to my husband about the cost of land out there compared to Maine and he was well aware (I was not). He was bragging up the soil.

  2. My microwave died a few years ago, and I didn't replace it. I don't have much room for one, either. The one thing we miss is microwave popcorn, especially DD12. She takes a box of it to other people's houses when she visits, so she can get them to make it for her.

  3. I don't know if I'd miss a microwave. It's been handy for heating up recalcitrant honey and butter that I forgot to take out for cookies ;)

    Hope things work out like they should.

    Peace to you, my friend.

  4. Loud buzzing sounds and burning are not good signs at all. Glad there was no serious harm or danger, though DOA sounds right.
    House - is it coordinating schedules or that the owners aren't ready to meet? I hope you hear back with a meeting time soon, you're right that being in limbo like this is often more frustrating than knowing one way or the other, whichever it ends up being (though of course, its best if its a go!). Positive thoughts still coming your way... and if you close by mid-April, you'd still be able to get some planting in :-)

  5. With my little ones- when they are hungry they mean NOW and a microwave has halted many a tantrum. We don't use it much aside from that... Interesting isn't it? They things we have that we don't really use but feel we NEED. I hope your house stuff gets sorted out soon. I hate being between two things and not knowing which way to go. It causes chaos. For me anyway. :)

  6. I think the microwave is this appliance that you think you need but when it is DOA you really find you don't miss it.

    If its any consolation we can't start planting here until the end of May. Darn frost

  7. Mine went DOA and I never missed it - but everyone else sure did! I liked the extra counter space I ended up with, but everyone lobbied for a new one so.....I found and incredibly small one. hehe

  8. When I had this house built, I went over the top with appliances. They really are something out of star trek...seriously, I'm still looking for the warp reactor.

    Anyway...with all of that, I also bought a microwave/vent hood that had convection and all sorts of whizbangs.

    I use it to heat water, milk, butter or honey.

    I'm thinking I might have wasted my money! You're so right..once gone, who really misses them?

  9. We are having the microwave or not when we get to the farm conversations at our house. The only two uses I see are softening butter for baking and thawing frozen colostrum for newborn lambs and goatkids.

    Wow, these sellers are good. They are playing all of the mind games associated with selling. The delays, the small counter-offers. Basically, this is just one big game of chess! :)

  10. Country Girl- Yeah, land here is, like, 17000 per acre- at least in my county. One of my coworkers married a farmer and they're trying to start their own place. Yikes!
    Matriarchy- Yeah, the extra space would be nice. I generally don't do microwave popcorn anymore anyway so that shouldn't be a problem.
    Meadowlark- I never remember to take the butter out soon enough.
    Localzone-The smell of burning electrical circuits is never a good one. I really hope that the house delay is scheduling. We've given them our schedule and I've told them that I can take off work if necessary any afternoon after 1. No word yet. I guess if they're vets running their own business their time is tight.
    RIver- I hate being in limbo!!!
    Jenn- Oh, May is so far away.
    Kris- Yeah, I could probably get along without it but I'm sure everyone else will complain. Part of the benefit is that the boys aren't allowed to use the stove without adult supervision but they can use the microwave to heat their own lunches- definitely a bonus.
    Christy- Butter, water, honey and leftovers are the big ones here, and I-11 uses it to heat soup.
    Angie- I'm trying to decide if they're playing mind games by stalling the meeting, they're out there frantically trying to patch things up, or they're truly busy. Not sure which....

  11. I don't use a microwave anymore. We didn't have one when we moved into this house and I never even thought about getting one. I don't miss it really unless I want to reheat my coffee or tea.
    Some studies I've read say they are bad anywho so no biggie!
    Good luck on the house. I really hope it works for you guys!

  12. I heard the fireworks, too. At first it really scared me but then I remembered it was Spring Break.

    I hope you hear about your new place soon!

  13. Stephany- Wow, you must live quite near to us if you heard them, too. Of course, they were driving around throwing firecrackers out the car windows. Oosh.


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